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Program Air date Series
Laughing Back - A Movie For Radio 1978-11-29 WBAI And NPR Playhouse
An American Hero Workshop 1979-01-26 WBAI And NPR Playhouse
The Eighty Yard Run 1979-09-18 WBAI And NPR Playhouse
Sales 1983-04-01 WBAI And NPR Playhouse
The Queen Of Puerto Rico (Show) 1983-04-01 WBAI And NPR Playhouse
Pilot 1983-04-19 WBAI And NPR Playhouse
A Pact With God 1985 Work In Progress
When She's Asleep, She Looks Like An Angel 1985 Work In Progress
A Kiss Is Just A Kiss 1986 Work In Progress
Dreams Of The River 1986 Work In Progress
Dear Annie 1986 Work In Progress
Pretender 1986 Work In Progress
Another Country (Part 1) 1986 Work In Progress
Another Country (Part 2) 1986 Work In Progress
Another Country (Part 3) 1986 Work In Progress
A Landing Strip In The Jungle 1986 Work In Progress
No Show 1986 Work In Progress
Cocktails Before Dinner 1986 Work In Progress
Rose 1986 Work In Progress
Why I Don't Love You Anymore 1986 Work In Progress
Tell Me What To Do 1986 Work In Progress
Highways West 1986 Work In Progress
No Show (Remix) 1986 Work In Progress
He Hesitated 1987 Work In Progress
To The Bar Life 1987 Work In Progress
Emerald Isle 1988 Work In Progress
Home 1988 Work In Progress
Night (Remix) 1989 Work In Progress
Night (Part 1) 1989-08-18 Work In Progress
Night (Part 2) 1989 Work In Progress
Green Cadillac 1993 In The Dark
The Loved One 1993 In The Dark
Joe Frank's America 1994 In The Dark
Just Hold Me 1994 In The Dark
Raymond 1995 In The Dark
Third World Country (Includes Raymond) 1995 In The Dark
The Sacred 1996-02-25 Somewhere Out There
Justine 1996-04-07 Somewhere Out There
Lost Soul 1996-06-01 Somewhere Out There
Mountain Rain 1996-06-09 Somewhere Out There
Journal 1997-03-01 Somewhere Out There
A Death In The Family 1997-05-11 Somewhere Out There
Fat Man Down 1997-05-24 Somewhere Out There
Love Is 1999-10-03 The Other Side
Windows 1999-10-10 The Other Side
Jam 1999-10-17 The Other Side
The Box 1999-11-07 The Other Side
Karma (Part 6) 2000-05-28 The Other Side
Karma Don't Deny Me 2000-07-30 The Other Side
Small World Karma 2000-10-08 The Other Side
Karma Memories 2000-10-22 The Other Side
Karma Crash 2000-11-05 The Other Side
Bitter Pill 2000-12-03 The Other Side
In The Dark (Remix) 2001-12-02 The Other Side
Time's Arrow 2004-10-10 Online
Duplicity 2004-11-06 Online
Bad Faith 2005-03-15 Online
The Poor Are Always With Us 2015-05-29 UnFictional
Downfall 2015-10-16 UnFictional