Green Cadillac

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Green Cadillac[1]
In The Dark
Original Broadcast Date
Joe Frank
Serious Monologue, 28 minutes
Preceded by: Smile
Followed by: When I'm Calling You

A few years ago I saw an ad in the paper for an estate sale.

Green Cadillac is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series In The Dark. It was originally broadcast in 1993.


Joe buys a classic car and tries to sell it years later. Joe working as a used car salesman buys a stolen car and then chases the guy who sold it to him. Joe buys whiskey for an Indian in a wheelchair.


This is an incomplete record of the music in this program. If you can add more information, please do.

Additional credits

The original broadcast credits state: "[C]reated in collaboration with Jack Cheeseborough. Recorded and mixed by Jerry Summers. Special thanks to Farley Ziegler and Jennifer Ferro."