In The Dark (Remix)

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In The Dark (Remix)[1]
The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
December 2, 2001
Ryan Cutrona, Joe Frank
59 minutes
Preceded by: Black Hole (Remix)
Followed by: Road To Hell (Remix)

"I'm glad I got this nine millimeter, it's a beauty."

In The Dark (Remix) is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side. It was originally broadcast on December 2, 2001.


  • Guy shoots his wife's dog (portrayed by Joe Frank) for barking too much.
  • Man and wife arguing about rain and responsibility.
  • Joe: the woman who can't sleep, worrying about problems in her building, seething about men. She goes out for a drive dressed unusually cheaply, going mad from insomnia and wanting to break the rules.
  • A story of Halsworth the wily tycoon and his broken down Mercedes.
    • Stuck in the middle of the night in the urban jungle, he imagines what he'll do if accosted.
    • Finally a bus comes, but it's a party bus and it passes him.
    • He meets Lola, the insomniac we just heard about who drives up in her MG.
    • They drive to her building, which he happens to own.
    • She gives him spiked juice and steals his suit, then goes into a gentlemen's club disguised as him.
    • Halsworth wakes up and sees that he's wearing Lola's outfit, makeup, dyed hair and earrings and nail polish.
    • He finds himself attractive, considers making love to himself.
    • She calls him on the phone, instructs him to get in the limo downstairs.
    • He imagines what may be inside (absurd list).
    • The car stops. He gets out and is abandoned by a remote lake. He tries to swim but sinks. The briefcase opens and doves fly out.
  • Joe analyzes this story with rhetorical questions.
  • Strange modulated voice (not Joe) rambles about experiences and desires. The voice seems electronically modulated, but sounds a little like someone with a defective or missing larynx who makes sounds with his mouth and a machine that generates the tones for him.
  • Joe: Max, the night watchman. He and his blind dog Shadow are lost.
    • He remembers fragments of his past.
    • About losing your way in life.
    • Max wonders if he exists.
    • Doors lead to bizarre places.
    • Max is suddenly on stage at a comedy club, tells the audience he's lost. They think he's hilarious.
    • Another door leads to a woman's bedroom. She tries to seduce him. His husband arrives, so Max hides under the bed. Max slips away after they make love.
    • Through another door Max finds a radio guy spitting on his Bangladeshi engineer.
  • Looking into the face of zealots. Fundamental questions throughout history. Examining what we truly believe. "Never mind the answers; learn to live with the questions."
  • Song: "Me and My Shadow"--Joe sings along with the recording.
  • Closing thoughts from the modulated voice.


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