Another Country (Part 2)

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Another Country (Part 2)[1]
Work In Progress
Original Broadcast Date
Joe Frank
Serious Monologue, Narrative Monologue, 1 hour
Preceded by: Another Country (Part 1)
Followed by: Another Country (Part 3)

"'Don't think for a moment', she said, 'that Israel did this without America's permission.'"

Another Country (Part 2) is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series Work In Progress. It was originally broadcast in 1986.


The man continues his work defending Israel. He organizes a rent strike. They fight over personal issues. She begins to suffer from a degenerative disease, has nightmares. They discuss violence in movies. Her visa runs out. He doesn't invite her to her brother's wedding. She leaves for Yemen, gets a job teaching languages through a US state department office. He dates a Jewish woman. She returns for a few months, wants to marry and buy a home. He resists. They take a vacation to Jamaica - they are disappointed, he suffers an infection. He meets her mother. He visits her in Yemen. They participate in scavenger-hunt like footrace sponsored by the British embassy. He learns to chew qat. They watch the local news program. He talks with her ex boyfriend about Yemeni politics.


Additional credits

The original broadcast credits state: "Technical production by Tom Strother."