Time's Arrow

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Time's Arrow [1]
Original Broadcast Date
October 10, 2004
Larry Block, Joe Frank
Telephone, 1 hour
Preceded by: At The Border (Remix)
Followed by: Duplicity

"Recently I was in an experimental project in which all the other actors were in their early thirties, and I found it - really awful."

Time's Arrow is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series Online. It was originally broadcast on October 10, 2004.


  • Larry talks about being in a production with young actors. Joe: old people have nothing to teach us.
  • Joe - The story of a man in a poor village recruited by Hamas to attack the guard post at an Israeli settlement. The man awakes to realize he is actually an Israeli soldier guarding the settlement, a secular Jew new to Israel who hates god for torturing humanity. A man approaches the gate, who may be a spiritually gifted deaf hassid from the neighboring village or a bomber in disguise. A Christian pastor drives past and is caught in an explosion, only to wake up and realize it is a dream. The world seen from an ever-retreating vantage point.
  • Larry - Waiting for a life changing epiphany. Beckett's, "You think you're simply resting. . ." Wanting to die and eat and drink. The time before we die.
  • Joe - His mother lives in a nursing home near a schoolyard. Old people were once young. Mechanisms for trying to stop time. Measuring time in various events - mountain building, a root canal, traffic. Your life set against billions of years.
  • Larry - Doris Day as an old woman, accompanied by an ugly old man; waiting for Doris. Our time alive, compared to time without us. Knowing you'll never live to see a construction project finished.
  • Joe - growing old; the hour glass of life. Time as a river, a wall, a burning plane. A world without time.
  • Larry - a brief flash of optimism dissolves into wanting, the need for a sandwich and scotch.
  • Joe and Larry - jumping while talking on a cell phone with the suicide hotline. An impressionable person on a hotline gets talked into suicide. Suicide hotline operators on the verge of suicide. Hemlock Society infiltrators sabotaging suicide hotlines.
  • Joe - He's overcome with lethargy at a diner. A doctor orders brain cancer screening. Becoming distracted at a dinner party. Wetting the bed.
  • Larry - visiting a graveyard and encountering wet paint.
  • Joe - wanting to go back to bed. Methods of suicide. Age and wisdom. Relating to the scripture of the ancients. The childish stories of scripture.
  • Larry - he wants to be a parking meter repairman.
  • Joe - a sailboat disaster. TV news, religion pitted against religion. Nonsense verse: A poem. Things happening at this moment. A pig's foot and an ancient table top.
  • Larry - unjustified optimism.