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Joe Frank produced 11 thirty minute programs for KCRW's UnFictional.
These episodes are all currently available for free streaming online.

Title Broadcast Date
Dreamers 7/4/2012
Thief 9/25/2012
Old Man 11/13/2012
A Conversation 1/29/2013
A Hollywood True Story 4/02/2013
Reality Check 6/21/2013
A Life Well Lived 10/04/2013
Isolation 4/01/2014
Sunken Ship 10/23/2014
The Poor Are Always With Us 5/29/2015
Downfall 10/16/2015
All Series
WBAI And NPR Playhouse (1978-1984)
Work In Progress (1985-1993)
In The Dark (1993-1995)
Somewhere Out There (1996-1998)
The Other Side (1999-2002)
Online (2004-2010)
UnFictional (2012-2015)