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Joe Frank's early programs, from 1978 to 1984

Title Air Date
Jewish Blues 1978
Early Stories From NPR Playhouse 11/29/1978
An American Hero Workshop 01/26/1979
A Call In The Night 02/07/1979
Til You're Gone 03/10/1979
The Death Of Trotsky 04/03/1979
Arena 06/08/1979
Summer Notes 08/22/1979
The Eighty Yard Run 09/18/1979
White Elephants 1980
Adventures Along The Spectrum 07/31/1980
The Rare Recording 10/15/1980
Joe Frank In Concert 02/11/1981
The Decline Of Spengler 1982
The Queen Of Puerto Rico 04/01/1983
Sales 04/01/1983
Warheads 04/12/1983
The End 04/15/1983
Pilot 04/19/1983
Questions 04/22/1983
Lies 02/01/1984
A Tour Of The City (Part 1) 03/06/1984
A Tour Of The City (Part 2) 03/06/1984
Across The River 03/27/1984
Bedtime Stories 10/31/1984
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WBAI And NPR Playhouse (1978-1984)
Work In Progress (1985-1992)
In The Dark (1993-1995)
Somewhere Out There (1995-1998)
The Other Side (1999-2002)
Online (2004-2010)
UnFictional (2012-2015)
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Joe at WBAI in New York

Joe at WBAI in New York City, circa 1978


Joe won several awards for his work on NPR Playhouse: