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The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
Debi Mae West, Joe Frank
Serious Monologue, 59 minutes
Preceded by: Love Is
Followed by: Jam

There was a man who lived in an apartment complex in a city.

Windows is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side. It was originally broadcast on October 10, 1999, and explores a variety of themes surrounding love.


  • Monologue: A man watches a quiet, sad woman across the courtyard from his apartment window. He falls in love with her and sends her flowers when she looks particularly unhappy. One night he sees her bring a man to her apartment; he decides to leave the city, but a cab driver talks him out of it. He returns to find that she is gone. The woman's point of view description of meeting a quadriplegic on a bridge after contemplating suicide.
  • Telephone conversation: Debi Mae West discusses her love affairs: one that ends after a drunken five day weekend, a psychic who tells her she and the man have been together in past lives, a man who refuses to give her oral sex.
  • Monologue on love: "they say that love is more powerful/precious/etc...." Love as a fine wine, as becoming Edward Teller. A clown commits hara-kiri after being dumped by a harlequin. A relationship breakup as fission. Love as heroin. Description of a Love Anonymous support group. Why love? Joe chooses to be a bachelor for the rest of his life, join a mens club, build a latrine.
  • Telephone conversation: Debi meets an old friend at a theater who offers her oral sex.
  • Monologue: Love is an old man fishing off a bridge. Joe remembers an explosion that kills his father and leaves him mute.
  • Telephone conversation: Debi talks about being dropped off for school on a holiday.