Bad Faith

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Bad Faith [1]
Original Broadcast Date
March 15, 2005
Larry Block, Lester Nafzger, Joe Frank
Category:Serious Monologue, 58 minutes
Preceded by: Debi Mae At Burning Man
Followed by: Goodbye

Forty three mutilated bodies in varying stages of decomposition have been found on the property of a postal employee in Ohio.

Bad Faith is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series Online. It was originally broadcast on March 15, 2005.

First made available online in March 2005, this one hour program includes a combination of serious, occasionally absurd monologues, interspersed with telephone conversations with Larry Block and Lester Nafzger.


  • Distressing news stories that reflect a world in chaos, serve as a repeated motif throughout this program.
  • Monologue: distressing news stories. Washington DC snipers, pedophile priests protected by the church, the Condit/Levy story, dead immigrants, Russian women in slavery.
  • Larry Block: discussing Robert Frost: "good fences make good neighbors".
  • Monologue: deadly fires in nightclubs. Insensitive press. JonBenet Ramsey. Laci Peterson. Terri Schaivo.
  • Larry: his daughter goes to the hospital to comfort her friend's family after a stroke. Joe tells Larry a story of his mother when Joe was hospitalized with bladder cancer in 1991. She tells him it was harder for her to watch him suffer than for him to battle the cancer himself.
  • Monologue: the schoolteacher who seduced her student. The attempted train suicide. The Jackson trial. Tsunami. Rwandan genocide. Darfur refugees. Decapitations in Iraq. Suicide bombers attack mosques. War disfigurements and the insane wealth of corporate leaders. Alarming stories of environmental disaster brought on by corporate and government irresponsibility. Worrying about terrorists. The news is terrifying. "It's the stuff of nightmares. It surpasses belief."
  • Lester Nafzger: "smear the queer", renamed "tackle the guy with the ball". Joe tells Lester a story of his awkward walking date with Ariana Huffington.
  • Monologue: the innumerable steps that make up and change our lives, taking us inexorably towards death. Metaphors on time, progress and death. Atheism vs. longing for God. Evil: can it be seen in perspective? Seeing God as the unknown. Joe on his own religious outlook. Rejecting the "join us or face eternal damnation" concept behind organized religion. Upbringing as a source of religious conviction.
  • Joe talks to Lester about facing his own death: twice he has fought cancer. Extreme coincidences in his life suggesting an unseen force; these experiences are comforting to Joe. A heartfelt conversation concludes the program, Lester is skeptical about the coincidences but reluctant to hurt his friend's feelings or shake what little faith he has left.