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Program Air date Series
Jewish Blues 1978 WBAI And NPR Playhouse
Arena 1979-06-08 WBAI And NPR Playhouse
Summer Notes 1979-08-22 WBAI And NPR Playhouse
Warheads 1983-04-12 WBAI And NPR Playhouse
Pilot 1983-04-19 WBAI And NPR Playhouse
Questions 1983-04-22 WBAI And NPR Playhouse
Across The River 1984-03-27 WBAI And NPR Playhouse
Photography 1986 Work In Progress
Let Me Not Dream 1986 Work In Progress
Dreamland 1986 Work In Progress
Rent A Family (Part 1) 1987 Work In Progress
Rent A Family (Part 2) 1987 Work In Progress
Rent A Family (Part 3) 1987 Work In Progress
The Policeman's Ball 1987 Work In Progress
Emergency Room 1988 Work In Progress
Building A Church 1988 Work In Progress
Words 1988 Work In Progress
Five Part Dissonance 1988 Work In Progress
Emerald Isle 1988 Work In Progress
The More I Know You 1989 Work In Progress
Bad 1989 Work In Progress
Great Lives 1989 Work In Progress
Great Lives (Remix) 1989 Work In Progress
The Best 1992 Work In Progress
Two Babes 1992 Work In Progress
Problems 1993 In The Dark
Smile 1993 In The Dark
When I'm Calling You 1993 In The Dark
Hit Man 1994 In The Dark
Either Or (Part 1) 1994-10 In The Dark
Either Or (Part 2) 1994-10 In The Dark
Anthology Of Love (Part 1) 1994-11 In The Dark
Anthology Of Love (Part 2) 1994-11 In The Dark
The Last Run 1994 In The Dark
Prayer 1994 In The Dark
A Hearing 1994 In The Dark
Prayer (Remix) 1995 Somewhere Out There
Reprise 1996-07-28 Somewhere Out There
The Policeman's Ball (Remix) 1996-11-10 Somewhere Out There
Phone Therapy 1997 Somewhere Out There
The Other Side (Show) 1997-03-16 Somewhere Out There
Rent A Family (Remix) 1997-03-23 Somewhere Out There
Arena (Remix) 1997-04-06 Somewhere Out There
Black Light 1997-04-20 Somewhere Out There
Talk To Me 1997-06-07 Somewhere Out There
Last Show 1997 Somewhere Out There
Holy Land 1999-11-14 The Other Side
Predator 1999-12-05 The Other Side
Summer Notes (Remix) 2000-01-02 The Other Side
Pledge Drive 2000-01-29 2000-01-29 The Other Side
Zen 2000-03-12 The Other Side
Silent Sea 2000-11-12 The Other Side
Anthology Of Love (Remix) 2001-04-08 The Other Side
Woman And Bull In Paint Factory 2001-04-29 The Other Side
Summer Hill 2001-06-03 The Other Side
Men Of The Cloth 2001-08-01 The Other Side
Time's Arrow 2004-10-10 Online