Woman And Bull In Paint Factory

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Woman and Bull in Paint Factory[1]
The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
Arthur Miller, Jane Hunt, Tim Jerome, Paul Mantell, Carolyn Swift, Tess Gallagher, Ryan Cutrona, Porter Fielding, Larry Block, Joe Frank
59 minutes
Preceded by: Waiting For The Bell
Followed by: Four Part Dissonance

"Settle back and get very comfortable, let everything go."

Woman and Bull in Paint Factory is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side. It was originally broadcast on April 29, 2001.

It's all re-used material.


A hypnotist, a woman, instructs the listener to relax, think his/her limbs limp.[1]

2: A man (Lester Nafzger?) calls an older woman, asks for Coco. He identifies himself as Joe Frank. Coco isn't in.[2] [1]

3: A man (Arthur Miller?) sings 'Make love to me'[3] accompanied by ukulele(?).[1]

5:10: A man and woman yell, as though threatened (it's indistinct). There are sounds that could be a monster, could be alarms. It sounds like a movie.[1]

6:10: A street preacher tells people they need spiritual change, not political change; the crowd jeers him.[1]

8:30: The director of River Valley camp (Arthur Miller?), a sadistic summer camp for boys in the Brazilian Amazon, describes the camp to Joe while showing slides. It's protected by a long stretch of barren land, then 'electronic' barbed wire, and a 200-foot gate. The rifle, archery, and blow-gun ranges use the boys as targets. He calls pain 'deeper understanding'.[1]

14:10: A street preacher enjoins his listeners to chant, 'Hare Krishna'. The River Valley director's voice can be made out in the background.[1]

15:40: The River Valley director shows slides of 'fun night' - Joe observes that they don't seem to be having fun. Staff get to experiment on the campers.

The director describes visitors' day, during which the parents can't see the children and vice-versa. Letters between campers and parents are disposed of.[1]

23:40: A man calls an older woman, asks for Coco. He identifies himself as Joe Frank. Coco isn't in. She's in England.[1]

24:40: A man (Arthur Miller?) sings 'There'll never be another you'[4] accompanied by ukulele(?).[1]

26:10: A man and woman yell, as though threatened (it's indistinct). There are sounds that could be a monster, could be alarms.[1]

27: A woman (Tess Steincolk) describes her mother punishing her and her sister (Jeannie), then the mother tells them she's selling them to the gypsies. She takes them on their usual summer vacation to her sister's instead, but only after scaring them.[5]

34: Bill West's 'The spirit cannot fail you'.

35:30: A preacher tells us how terrible things are, that god's coming back.[6][1]

38:50: 'I was born in South Dakota at the age of 4...' A man (Lester Nafzger?) recounts impossible and conflicting versions of his life, all involving Mt Rushmore.[1]

41:30: The Christian street preacher is back, talking with the crowd.[1]

45:50: An old Jewish man visits his son, who confesses that he has converted to Christianity.[7]

48: 'I go to church I like to sprinkle two piles of broken glass molten ashes thumbtacks and carpet passes on the floor and kneel down on them for hours' A guy tells us what he does in church.[5]

51: The naughty yogi falls for the hippie girls with 'big boobies'.[5]

51:40: Ryan Cutrona tells us all the things he's seen god in.[8]

53:30: Larry calls Joe, tells him how disappointed he is in his shows lately, particularly this last bit.[5]

Legacy Synopsis
  • A female hypnotist voice.
  • Joe calls for Koko. A man sings "There Will Never Be Another You." Someone screams colors and words against a low pitched humming.
  • Young people arguing with street proselytizers mixed with a discussion of the River Valley children's camp in the jungle which resembles a bizarre prison camp. Preachers speak, group Hymns, all mixed with River Valley discussion.
  • Calling for Koko. Joe sings Jazz standards. Colors and humming.
  • A woman talks about her mother pretending to sell her to gypsies.
  • "This spirit cannot fail you" preacher. Sermon about the return of Jesus, standing up for god.
  • A confused, conflicting, exaggerated life history: mount Rushmore, studying abroad.
  • Street preacher confronts students - god is truth, thus there is only one god.
  • Scene from Jewish Blues in which a son tells his father he's converting to Christianity.
  • Ardent, exaggerated voice - self mutilation in church to get the attention of Esmerelda.
  • A yogi is driven to eat meat by Hippies.
  • Cutrona's "I've seen god in [household objects] " monologue.


Shared Material


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