Let Me Not Dream

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Let Me Not Dream[1]
Work In Progress
Original Broadcast Date
Joe Frank
Scripted Actors, Improv Actors, Real_People, Singing, 56 minutes
Preceded by: No Show
Followed by: Case Studies

"Settle back and get very comfortable. Let everything go."

Let Me Not Dream is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series Work In Progress. It was originally broadcast in 1986.


  • A female hypnotist voice
  • Joe talks about feeling drained and hopeless and putting old tape together to make a show
  • "Joe" calls for Koko.
  • A man sings "There Will Never Be Another You."
  • Someone screams colors and words against a low pitched humming.
  • Young people arguing with street proselytizers.
  • The River Valley children's camp in the jungle which resembles a bizarre prison camp.
  • Preachers speak.
  • Joe call ex-girlfriends and sings "I Remember You."


Shared material

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