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Reprise [1]
Somewhere Out There
Original Broadcast Date
July 28, 1996
Arthur Miller, Lester Nafzger, Fred Coffin, Avery Hart, Tim Jerome, Ryan Cutrona, Paul Mantell, Joe Frank
Improv Actors, Found Tape, 57 minutes
Preceded by: Escape From Paradise
Followed by: The O.J. Chronicles

Then after the, your experience on Lake Titicaca.

Reprise is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series Somewhere Out There. It was originally broadcast on July 28, 1996.


This episode is 95% re-used material: the survival contest from A Landing Strip In The Jungle, street preachers and River Valley camp from Let Me Not Dream, the father and son from Jewish Blues, the naughty yogi and the masochist in church from Bad, the prison psychologist from Nightride, 2 previously-unused segments, ending up with all the things Ryan Cutrona sees god in from Great Lives.

3 fellows compete for the most difficult trial to survive, 1 in the Mato Grasso, Lester Ainslie swallowed by a whale - they disparage each other's experiences… [1]

12:30: A street preacher tells people they need spiritual change, not political change; the crowd jeers.[2]

15:10: The director of River Valley camp (Arthur Miller), a sadistic summer camp for boys in the Brazilian Amazon, describes the camp to Joe while showing slides. It's protected by a long stretch of barren land, then 'electronic' barbed wire, and a 200-foot gate. The rifle, archery, and blow-gun ranges use the boys as targets. He calls pain 'deeper understanding'.[2]

20:40: A street preacher enjoins his listeners to chant, 'Hare Krishna'. The River Valley director's voice can be made out in the background.[2]

22:10: The River Valley director shows slides of 'fun night' - Joe observes that they don't seem to be having fun. Staff get to experiment on the campers.[2]

24:50: Congregation finishes singing a hymn, a preacher talks, then they sing another hymn. The River Valley director's voice can be made out in the background.[2]

25:50: The director describes visitors' day, during which the parents can't see the children and vice-versa. Letters between campers and parents are disposed of.[2]

30:10: A man (Arthur Miller? Joe?) sings 'There will never be another you' (a pop song written in 1942) accompanied by ukulele(?) and piano.[2]

31:00: A preacher tells us how terrible things are, that god's coming back.[3][2]

34:10: 'I was born in South Dakota at the age of 4…' A man (Lester Nafzger?) recounts impossible and conflicting versions of his life.[2]

36:50: The Christian street preacher is back, talking with the crowd.[2]

41:10: A Jewish fellow visits his son, finds out he's converted to Christianity.[4]

43:30: 'I go to church I like to sprinkle two piles of broken glass, molten ashes, thumbtacks, and carpet tacks on the floor and kneel down on them for hours…' - A masochist tells us what he does in church.[5]

46:20: A naughty yogi falls for hippie girls with 'big boobies'.[5]

47:10: A psychologist (a Black man?) talks to someone who, police officers allege, threatened to kill his wife and children. He prays that he not do anything crazy.[6]

52:00: A fellow (Ryan Cutrona?) talks about what the world is made of, describes a fantastical journey.[7]

53:40: A fellow (Tim Jerome?) describes how he writes, then talks about intrinsic value and extrinsic existence in double-talk.[7]

55:10: A man (Ryan Cutrona) tells all the things he sees god in.[8]

Legacy Synopsis

Survival contest round table, young people arguing with street proselytizers, the River Valley children's camp in the jungle which resembles a bizarre prison camp, Hari Krishna spokesman, a group sings hymns, amateur singing, preaching, actor monologue: a describe-yourself interview breaks down into nonsense "I was born in south Dakota at the age of four, etc", son tells his guitarist father he's converting from Judaism to Christianity, emphatic voice describes self mutilation in church, Indian yogi is tempted by hippies and beef, the prison interviewer psychologist recording: don't trust angels and the save my ass daily declaration, humming to rhythm, old man describes a journey with free association, how to write, extrinsic existence, more is on the way to much more, Ryan Cutrona's "I've seen god" monologue


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Shared material


I think the singer of "There Will Never Be Another You" is Arthur Miller, especially because of the ukulele accompaniment.Arthur Peabody (talk) 11:22, 23 August 2023 (PDT)


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