Anthology Of Love (Part 2)

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Anthology Of Love (Part 2)[1]
In The Dark
Original Broadcast Date
Tim Jerome, Arthur Miller
Improv Actors, Singing, 28 minutes
Preceded by: Anthology Of Love (Part 1)
Followed by: Jerry's World (Part 1)

"I was on my way to an appointment a few years ago and I got caught in a terrible rush hour traffic jam."

Anthology Of Love (Part 2) is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series In The Dark. It was originally broadcast in 1994.


Man (Arthur Miller) sings 'Moonglow' to his ukulele accompaniment.

0:20: He recalls encountering, a few years ago, people dressed as cookies dancing and doing acrobatics on the cars stopped in traffic. He's fascinated with the woman dressed as a peanut butter cookie. He meets her again at the flower show. The troupe prevails upon him to join them as a sticky bun, coated in brown sugar, honey, and Karo syrup, then rolled in nuts and baked. This soured him on the relationship.

3:20: Jean Paul (Tim Jerome) interrogates man about what he may have gained from the relationship. Man says he learned about love and gained 40 pounds.

5:00: Jean Paul recalls running guns to rebels in Bolivia. It was dangerous but paid well. He and Pilar, one of the rebels, argue about what's really important: she's for better lives for all; he's for money for himself.

7:50: 'Moonglow' on ukulele with humming.

8:10: Jean Paul recalls being in a sanatorium the Alps for his tuberculosis 5 years ago. He made love with Madame Saskia, which caused them to cough blood. She had a coffin, insisted that Jean Paul make love to him in it. The coffin rolled over, shutting it. Nurses and attendants freed them.

10:50: 'Moonglow' on ukulele.

11:00: Jean Paul recalls when he conducted an orchestra in Brussels 'many, many years ago'. He was in love with a cellist, Magda, fantasized making love to her while conducting. She didn't return his feeling. She fell off her chair, played while rolling around on the floor.

14:00: 'Moonglow' on ukulele.

14:20: Jean Paul recalls parachuting behind enemy lines into a convent. To protect him they dress him up as a nun. The mother superior asks him if he believes in god; when he doesn't she wants him to leave. Then she wants to make love to him. He refuses. She leaves the convent forever that night.

19:00: 'Moonglow' on ukulele.

19:20: Jean Paul recalls working on a fishing boat. He makes love to the woman who cuts bait in the galley. He describes the complex position they have to take to fit in the cramped space. He found it exquisite but failed to recreate it elsewhere but failed.

21:30: 'Moonglow' on ukulele.

21:50: Man (Arthur Miller) talks about how arousal makes genitals feel enlarged, then other parts of the body.

23:50: Man (Arthur Miller) talks about the sex act, how it isn't a true union of love. He describes people who have tried to make their unions stronger with steel girders, solder, molecular welds, jumping into a large blender. He tells the Afghan legend of 2 lovers who eat each other until 'nothing is left but a few bones and some shreds of skin and clothing.'

26:30: Man (Arthur Miller) sings 'Moonglow' to his ukulele accompaniment.

Legacy Synopsis

Arthur Miller describes falling in love with a woman and playing a sweet bun in a performance troop dressed as food. Arguing with a communist guerrilla lover over watches, houses. Sex with a death obsessed woman in a coffin in a sanatorium. An orchestra member fantasizes about the cellist. A soldier dressed as a nun discusses atheism, avoids sex with the mother superior. Whole body ejaculation. Using technological means to become attached to another person. An Afghani legend about lovers who consume each other.


Shared material

Additional credits

The original broadcast credits state: "The performers were Tim Jerome and Arthur Miller. Music arranged and performed by Arthur Miller. The story editor was Farley Ziegler. Recorded and mixed by Jerry Summers. Special thanks to Jennifer Ferro."