Anthology Of Love (Remix)

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Anthology Of Love (Remix)[1]
The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
Tim Jerome, Beth Dixon
Improv Actors, Singing, 56 minutes
Preceded by: Love Prisoner
Followed by: Waiting For The Bell

"We talk about love so much of the time, and yet do we really know what it means"

Anthology of Love (Remix) is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side.


Singing accompanied by a ukulele. Arthur Miller describes falling in love with a woman dressed as a cookie and ends up and playing a sweet bun in a performance troop. Arguing with a communist guerrilla lover over watches, houses. Sex with a death obsessed woman in a coffin in a sanatorium. An orchestra member fantasizes about the cellist. A soldier dressed as a nun discusses atheism, avoids sex with the mother superior. Whole body ejaculation. Using technological means to become attached to another person. An Afghani legend about lovers who consume each other. A man offers vague cliques about love in between acted vignettes in which he and a woman named Doreen engage in various romantic adventures and she sacrifices himself for his benefit. The Pauper's Day parade, in which the poor are force to make floats and balloons celebrating their condition: the starving man, bag lady, beggar, and squeegee man balloons; the tenement float. Doreen lets him stand on her back, falls and is paralyzed. During a walk in the woods, Doreen lies down in a river so he can cross without getting his shoes wet. They move a piano, and she is crushed. Trapped in a lifeboat, she feeds him by carving her own flesh.


This is a re-ordered version of the material from the two part program Anthology Of Love, produced as part of the series In The Dark.