Summer Hill

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Summer Hill[1]
The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
Larry Block, David Rapkin, Gregory Poe, Jack Kornfield, Joe Frank
Karma Style, 55 minutes
Preceded by: Emptiness
Followed by: What Do Women Want?

"A monkey's walking along, like, in the jungle, having a beautiful day."

Summer Hill is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side. It was originally broadcast on June 3, 2001.


  • Larry - a joke in which a monkey with a Mercedes finds an elephant in a hole.
  • Kornfield - Sexuality and practice, getting beyond ourselves.
  • Larry - Reichian theory. David Rapkin's relationship to truth.
  • David Rapkin - Reich, Leyden jars.
  • Larry - A. S. Neill. Sexuality and children. Summerhill School.
  • Gregory Poe - An enlightened school that doesn't prepare one for life. Being asked by the principle to draw his penis, which is turned into a novelty pendant embedded in a walnut shell called the "what nut?"
  • Kornfield - we are animals.
  • Larry and Joe - Reich's community as a den of swingers hiding behind philosophical justification. Reich encounters Einstein.
  • David Rapkin - An absurd account of the meeting between Reich and Einstein; Einstein's erection. Wearing a lead penis sheath.
  • Kornfield - sexual messages when growing up. Animal sex. Pablo Neruda poem. Sex after celibacy.
  • David(?) - he was a child at summer hill after his parents died in a fire.
  • David (?) - a double entendre joke.