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Winter Love is a segment which appeared on the radio program The Next Big Thing on December 17, 2004.


This is a passage from Duplicity in which Joe describes Reisling's affair with a woman he met online, disaster at a skating rink.



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Question: What happens when you drop seven minutes of Joe Frank audio into another radio program?

Answer: The audience realizes how pointless and uninspired the other 53 minutes of content are.

The Next Big Thing is by no means the worst program in the bubbly weekend lineup coming out of both NPR and PRI. (Wait Wait Don't Tell Me wins that title hands down, if you ask me.) It's better than a lot of the arts and literature radio out there today. But compared to Joe's segment it's shallow, schizophrenic crap. So why are they well funded and broadcast on a hundred stations while most of Joe's work has never received nearly that sort of distribution? I just don't get it.

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