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Joe Frank Band Rehearsal is a program published by in November/December 2004.


In this program we hear musicians creating Joe Frank style music in a recording studio.

  • The first part is almost entirely music. Occasionally Joe and the musicians exchange brief bits of dialog, such as the gem "we have to rewind the drone," 21 minutes into the first part.
  • In part 2 Joe delivers passages of monologue over the music, occasionally stopping to direct the band.
    • Making love in a beach resort to a woman who keeps saying, "stay away from me."
    • First person account of a soldier arriving in Viet Nam.
    • The picnic scene from "Either Or."
    • The title scene from Just Hold Me.
    • Mention of the cemetery firefight passage from White Moon.
    • An absurd list of things Joe needs - toothpicks, being beaten, light bulbs and a treadmill.
  • Joe and the band get out of sync, they discuss how the show is musically structured. ("Everything that's silly, goofy is C, everything that's war related is B, and everything that has to do with women is A.")
  • The band jams and Joe offers direction. Percussion, sax solos.



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