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Goodbye [1]
Original Broadcast Date
Lester Nafzger, Gideon Brower, Michal Story, Larry Block, Mike Fremuth, Joe Frank
Telephone, 55 minutes
Preceded by: Bad Faith
Followed by: Just An Ordinary Man

"Please don't give me any bad news, Joe."

Goodbye is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series Online. It was originally broadcast on December 30, 2006.


"Goodbye" is a program that addresses illness and death in a reflective and humorous way. The show is based, almost entirely, on philosophical and absurd phone calls between Joe and friends. "Goodbye" begins with a friend's shock and emotional meltdown at hearing of Joe's illness. Joe, in a state of depression, considers his own passing. He speaks with his mother at her retirement home, while she waits impatiently for a champagne brunch. Mike Fremuth and Joe discuss the idea of "heroic melancholy." A series of comic conversations with Lester Nafzger concerning illness and old age conclude with Joe's description of being left at the airport after visiting with his parents in Florida. Joe and Larry Block discuss the idea of hanging people instead of paintings in museums, and Gideon Brower recalls attending an outdoor wedding during a forest fire. Also included are conversations with a doctor which took place shortly after Joe experienced kidney failure, and an excerpt from Mike Fremuth's moving eulogy of a friend.


Additional credits

The original broadcast credits state: "With Lester Nafzger, Gideon Brower, Michal Story, Larry Block, Mike Fremuth, and Joe Frank. Musicians: Todd Tragar (guitar), Tony Merrill (bass), and Joe Frank (vocals)."


This is the first show Joe produced since March 2005. Concerned about the title - was this to be his last? From an excellent source:

The program is about illness and, in particular, death, and the title (and material) reflects this. Specifically, the title was drawn from the conversation with Lester, in which Lester and Joe discuss the awkward problem of saying "goodbye". "Goodbye" is not Joe's swan song. Another show will follow.

Gideon Brower is the man behind Fish Burglars. (Note Joe's picture here)