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I've been a fan of Joe Frank's work since I first heard is program on KCRW in 1996. I spent 50 minutes in a baking hot car in the parking lot of a North Hollywood musical instrument repair shop, entranced by the program Three Shingles. I've been hooked ever since.

In mid 2003 I started recording scattered notes about Joe's programs, which I later made available online. In 2005 all of that material was added to this wiki.

Program recommendations

Although I enjoy almost all of Joe's work, I'm particularly drawn to the monologues produced in the style common to many programs in the series Somewhere Out There. Some of my favorite programs in each of Joe's major categories are:

Radio plays / Scripted actors / Sound effects

In the Middle of Nowhere

Decline Of Spengler, The

Black Hole

That Night

Heavy monologues

Fat Man Down (This is what I play for most newbies.)

Three Shingles

Lost Soul


Why I Don't Love You Anymore

Lighter monologues

Escape From Paradise

Red Sea

An Enterprising Man

In The Dark (Part 2)

Bible Salesman


Eye In The Sky

Case Studies

Improv actors

Great Lives


Talk To Me


Karma style


Karma Memories

Bad Karma

Unique material (great stuff that is also unlike most of Joe's work)

The Best

El Cholo (In The Beginning)

Bad Faith

Links to useful pages

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