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Occasionally while listening to Joe Frank we come across a brief statement that is particularly notable or striking or representative of what we enjoy in Joe's programs. This is a growing list of some of those quotes.

"Life is simply the punchline of a joke told backwards."

--Bottle For A Headstone
--and Duplicity

"A lifetime of living in a world of gravity has done something unspeakable to his nose."


"And so we had a prodigiously psychedelic experience."

--Mountain Rain

"And it was then that I came to the realization that the world is evil."

--Mountain Rain

"Never mind the answers; learn to live with the questions."

--In The Dark (Remix)

"Time is like a dial without hands."


"You can best follow the instruction book on virtuoso piano playing by simply depressing the keys in the correct order."

--Bottle For A Headstone

"Ask me what time it is, and I'll tell you how the watch is made."

--At The Dark End Of The Bar

"I say love is being run over by a street car in 1928, losing your leg, becoming Edward Teller, inventing the atom bomb, and pretending not to be angry."


". . .it had the cadence of witty repartee without the wit."


"Would you rather have dinner with Claudia Schiffer as an 80 year old woman, or Margaret Mead as a young woman?"


"To me, love is inviolable, sacred. This is why I don't feel up to it."

--Dear Annie

"I recently went to Venice to buy the larynx of a famous tenor; it's something new I'm into."

--Landing Strip In The Jungle, A
--and Philosophy

"A fish will never understand my fear of drowning, will it?"

--Landing Strip In The Jungle, A

"What I finally found unbearable is how much she loved me."


"Do you have a lover?"

"Mm hmmm. I'm extremely mad at him."


"Cause he's too short."


"Never trust a naked man who tries to sell you a skin graft."

--Iceland (Part 2)

"Regret not the momentary impulse."

--the road to hell and Clement At Christmas

"And be grim and determined as you dissect the grammar of the day's uncontrollable impulses, acted upon in a frenzy that convinced you no one was watching."

--Lover Man (and others)

"What's the point of freedom if you don't let it debase you?"

--On The Edge

"If you'd only accept my transplant, then you'd have two livers"

"--I'm Not Crazy"

"I hate circus clowns because they're indifferent to national emergencies."

"--I'm Not Crazy"