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Patty Hardee appeared in the following programs:

In Let Me Not Dream Joe calls Patty Hardee to sing 'I remember you' to her. (re-used in Black Light)

Ms Hardee is a journalist at the Rappahannock News now. On her page on MuckRack she identifies herself as 'Marketing consultant/writer, actress, comic, director, cat lover, wine grape grower' Her page at HowlRound Theatre describes her as, 'a recovering stand-up comic and Artistic Director of the Rappahannock Association of Arts and Community (RAAC) Theatre, a small but mighty theatre based in Washington, Virginia in Rappahannock County in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.' 'Stand Up And Be Comic' in 1984's Washington Post reviewed her act.

She offered this story for jfwiki:

'It was in 1982 I think, early in his radio story-telling career. He had been working at NPR in DC, but was in LA on his birthday that year. I lived in DC. At dawn on the morning of his birthday, my best friend (who was dating a friend of Joe's) and I plastered the sidewalk and walls in front of the NPR HQ (on M or L St at that time) with dozens of flyers wishing him Happy Birthday. We signed them with code names that only he would know. He called me that night - late, as usual - and was amazed that my friend and I had done this. He said that people from NPR were calling him to tell him about the flyers. He told me it raised his profile with NPR. God, 30 years ago!! I can't believe it. And he still has standing as one of the most influential people in my life.'

and about Amy, whom Joe also called in Let Me Not Dream:

'Joe and I were in a small shop in Adams Morgan in DC one day and the proprietor recognized him as the subject of a song that one of Joe's buddies had written and sung on NPR. It was about "a forensic pathologist in love with a radio man," as the proprietor described it. (This would have been in the very early 80s.)'