Pledge Drive Show, KPFA, 2004-01-15

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Pledge Drive Show, KPFA, Jan 15, 2004 is a program produced during a pledge drive for Berkeley station KPFA. It contains material from previous programs.


  • Joe is hopelessly attractive and is pursued by people everywhere. People call in begging for sex.
  • From The Nature of Things: Zak talks to Larry about nature, beating people to death with a jackhammer.
  • From The End: two women meet a couple in the store and joining them for dinner and sex.
  • A pledge drive sweepstakes call ends in violence.
  • From Joe Frank's America: Calling other Joe Franks, remembering a former diplomat who couldn't cope with losing his job.
  • Joe is attracted to a distant woman on the beach who turns out to be a man, and a man asks about the Indian burial grounds.
  • A list of material from one's pockets set against "Me and my shadow."
  • From Pilot: Revolution around a resort in the jungle; radio interview with anthropologist about a village dance; planning an attack on the village.
  • From Waiting for Spengler: a play about a film about a man who loses his memory, emerges from the screen and is shot; later a muffled telephone conversation accompanies a theological debate. Live phones: callers share stories of appreciating Joe's work.
  • From natural Disaster: a man trapped in his house after an earthquake, taking vengeance upon the earth for natural disasters, old man preacher character prophesies doom, prank telephone spirit and prayer calls.
  • Sharing a table with famous tyrants (Hitler, Pol Pot) and petty murderers (Charles Manson) while they discuss floral arrangements, interior decorating, children's books, being born too early. Looking to ask questions of god in a desert oasis in an undetermined country; why does lisp have an s in it; brutality in nature documentaries and the insect world beneath one's house.
  • Old man "I've seen god" in household objects monologue.
  • Material from "Market Street" recorded before a live audience in 1988: the presidential candidate address from Words; the Something is Missing From My Life dialog from Black Hole; the origin of ping pong, a broken garage door opener triggers nuclear war, a church in honor of evolution, the meaning of life is hosting parasites.


Three hour program. Clips of old material, presumably from the compilation CDs. Includes Live At Market Street which is a live reading of text from Words, Black Hole, At The Border, etc.


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