The Rare Recording

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The Rare Recording [1]
WBAI And NPR Playhouse
Original Broadcast Date
Eric Sears, Arthur Miller, Irene Wagner, Christina Moore, David Rapkin, Paul Mantell, F. Murray Abraham, Joe Frank
Panel Discussion, Absurd Monologue, 28 minutes
Preceded by: White Elephants
Followed by: Joe Frank In Concert

...Could you tell me about some of your early experiences, that is, when you first recognized that you did have this particular gift of extra sensory perception?"

The Rare Recording is a program produced by Joe Frank in 1980.

It aired on NPR as "The Radio Experience Special: The Rare Recording".


  • A panel discussion about esp: learning esp, picking up on thoughts, an esp demonstration, psychodynamic juggling.
  • Communication throughout history, smoke signals, heliography, semaphore, alpine horns, speaking tubes.
  • "Don't make me do it"
  • More about speaking tubes
  • The rare recording of the 'Orchestral Suite in A Minor for Alpine Horns and Violins' by August Blenheim.
  • Being buried alive
  • Paul Mantell describes traveling in search of death
  • Yoko Ono moans
  • Cathy Berberian vocalizes
  • What if it's neither/nor, either/or?


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Shared material

Additional credits

The original broadcast credits state: "Performers included: Bernie Mantell, Eric Sears, Arthur Miller, Irene Wagner, F. Murray Abraham, Christina Moore, and Joe Frank. The Rare Recording was written by Joe Frank and David Rapkin. It was directed and produced by Joe Frank. Executive Producer: Keith Talbot."