Waiting For Karma

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Waiting for Karma[1]
The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
Larry Block, Kristine McKenna, Jack Kornfield, Zak Block, Debi Mae West, Joe Frank
Karma Style, 59 minutes
Preceded by: Karma Redux
Followed by: Small World Karma

"I feel very uncomfortable eating when I'm sober."

Waiting for Karma is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side. It was originally broadcast on October 5, 2000.


  • Larry - getting drunk and eating bad things. Aborted motorcycle rides to Mexico. Drunken and stoned motorcycle escapades and waking up in the hospital.
  • Kornfield - the mind holds on to its link with the world.
  • Larry - Zak's drug habit, the new drug "progeny."
  • Kornfield - the problem with desire. If only mind.
  • Zak - He's mixing sound. We hear a sample of his work.
  • Kornfield - An old man travels with his bag of possessions looking for happiness. A trickster steals it, then returns it.
  • Kristine McKenna - Comparing material and existential despair. The natural state of her mind is troubled. Feeling relief in natural disasters. Being haunted by childhood. Leonard Cohen and despair among the successful.
  • Kristine and Joe - The food chain and the cruel hierarchy of nature - what can be the nature of god?
  • Kornfield - Great doubt. Sufi story about a man who questions heaven's gate-keeper.
  • Larry and Joe - Summer camp rituals. A group of self-selecting camp "elders," the Sanhedrin, and a tapping-in ceremony. Insiders and the faithful outcasts. Joe finds the idea cruel.
  • Kornfield - Mullah Nasrudin looks for his keys where the light is, identifies himself at the bank with a mirror. Conditioned ideas about oneself.
  • Larry - A joke about a man who calls his friend's attention to the anatomy of a woman in a restaurant. A joke about an actor who is told there's been a murder in his apartment.
  • Kornfield - what is listening, meditation?
  • Debi - Tears after a discussion of lying.