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Work In Progress
Original Broadcast Date
Tim Jerome, Tess Steincolk, Arthur Miller, Larry Block, Paul Mantell, Joe Frank
Improv Actors, Real People, Absurd Monologue, 60 minutes
Preceded by: Nausea
Followed by: Great Lives

"So what happened to my church was what happened to many churches..."

Bad is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series Work In Progress. It was originally broadcast in 1989. It is similar to Building A Church.


A minister is imprisoned, escapes using every imaginable transportation. Sounds of construction. The history of church building, windows, clock bells and time-keeping on ships by counting slowly, the history of tools, screws v/s nails. A son tells his Jewish father he's converting to Christianity. Notre Dame was built based on Hugo's description in NDDP. The cathedral of Chartres was originally a tiny church. A cathedral was built by slaves collapsed 600 years later and plunges the land into chaos. A woman talks about her mother pretending to sell her to gypsies. "This spirit cannot fail you" preacher. Mutilating oneself in church. Becoming the leader of a sect, an orgy in a tent, instructions for making offerings. The nature of love. A man takes advantage of everyone, kills people, experiences a conversion. Sounds of church building. The recycling of churches as secular buildings and consumer goods. Larry complains about the show, suggests Joe take a vacation.


Shared material

Additional credits

The original broadcast credits state: "With Tim Jerome, Tess Steincolk, Arthur Miller, Larry Block, Paul Mantell, and Joe Frank. This program was created in collaboration with David Rapkin, and was recorded and mixed by Jerry Summers. Special thanks to Richard Eisner and Nan Lieberman."