Karma Redux

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Karma Redux[1]
The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
Larry Block, Jack Kornfield, Kristine McKenna, Debi Mae West, Joe Frank
Karma Style, 58 minutes
Preceded by: Pledge Drive, 2000-08-13
Followed by: Waiting For Karma

I haven't produced a new show in over a month.

Karma Redux is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side. It was originally broadcast on October 1, 2000.


  • Joe: Has trouble coming up with a new show. It has been over months since he complete his last show.
  • Woman: in tears, terrible father, inconsolable
  • Joe on phone to an angry, naked Debi Mae West.
  • Debi: Sitting in bed, feeling bad and insecure
  • Joe: Kate called when Joe needs to work on his monologue. Joe records is shows on Thursdays. It is Wednesday night so this is his lash chance to finish his writing. Kate says she is in Big Sur but the caller ID says she is in Santa Barbara. Another phone call from Kate about a man that told Kate that Joe was cheating on her and is a womanizer. Joe asks Kate for the number of this man, he calls and leaves a message. Kate calls Joe back to tell him that the man had mistaken Joe for another radio Joe, Joe Stockton. Apologies all around. Joe finds it peculiar that he had so much in common with this other Joe such as testicular cancer.
  • Another woman (counselor?): Advising Joe to break up with Kate.
  • Jack Kornfield: Story of an enlightened handsome prince. Dharma and story of a flood and a faithful man. Change and process of life and death.
  • Joe: Living with a woman in Washington D.C. and stays with her unhappily, dreaming of leaving. Patterns and transitory relationships.
  • Kornfield: Path with Heart. Four noble truths.
  • Larry Block: Getting involved in self destruction. Thinks Kornfield's main message is avoiding self destruction. But you can be successful at self destruction.
  • Kornfield: Being here.
  • Joe: Ex-girlfriend comes by. Joe thinks it would be funny to pretend to be overweight by stuffing pillows under his shirt. She does not notice; she is not in the mood because she needs money to put her father through rehab and asks Joe to help. Joe declines because he thinks her father is a deadbeat. She will use her own money she saved for film school. Joe walks her back to the elevator and removes the pillows, saying he is not really fat. She is still not amused. Joe never sees her again.
  • Kornfield: Sources of suffering
  • Larry: Techniques to avoid suicide



  • Aug 19th Joe's birthday mentioned