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Thanks for visiting the Joe Frank Wiki

Wikis (of which this is one) are websites where anyone can edit virtually any page. For this site, it means an opportunity for Joe Frank's fans to work together to catalog his shows. The result? There will hopefully be many results. Here are our goals:

  • Catalog Joe's work.
  • Serve as an accurate and reliable resource anyone can refer to (and improve) to learn more about Joe Frank and what to expect when listening to a particular show.
  • Introduce newcomers to Joe Frank and increase the audience for his work.
  • Be an evolving resource for answering questions like:
  • Provide a forum for subjective analysis and discussion related to Joe's work.
  • Operate in a manner supportive of Joe's intellectual property rights.

What this site needs most is a dedicated group of contributors. For an account, please email me (Ramon) with your preferred user name. I will create an account for you. I have found this to be the only reliable way to prevent spam edits.

Then read our Style Guide, then have a look at Higher Learning, a good example of how a program page can be structured. Then browse over to the to-do list, or simply pick a random page and dig in!

To experience editing a page on a wiki risk free, go play in the sandbox, which is a special page where it's perfectly acceptable to edit and change content for no reason except to play and learn. There is a user's guide to editing pages, but for those not into manuals, click the "Edit" link at the top of any page to look at the syntax of the text that goes into wiki formatting and learn the tricks as you go along.

This site was created by Will Irace from material collected by Erik Shirokoff, and re-launched in December 2011 by Ramon.