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This is the todo list from ~2005

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Feel free to edit and extend this list. Even better, feel free to implement a structure for this page that makes more sense.

  • Establish and maintain community interest
  • All the content from the Joe Frank Reminder has been added to the wiki. It just needs to be formatted with bullets and clean spacing.
  • Track down who appears in each program and add a category link (see the very bottom of At Last and how that link causes an automatic link from DMW's category page). Once cast category pages are well populated, maybe add links to cast members from the main page.
  • There are a great many pages that need additional detail or formatting.
  • There are even more pages that don't exist, but should. Check that these don't already exist under another name before creating them.
  • Compare the remix programs to the the originals to see if they contain different material.
  • Complete the framework of series names and shows so at least the lists are complete
  • Fill in gaps in knowledge
  • Establish a system for suggesting specific shows for new listeners
  • How about a page like a FAQ that attempts to define what's special about Joe's work?
  • Incorporate first lines from all the shows? What's that site that has a list of JF first lines?
  • Begin pages devoted to specific people, like Joe, Larry, Jack... DMW. These should probably go in Category:Cast_Biographies
  • Keep an eye out for orphaned pages.
  • Is this wiki the place to examine JF's appearances elsewhere? (Saturn radio spots, galaxy quest, ...)
  • I have seen some music info listed under the Interesting Facts section. There are some resources detailing show music at WFMU's Joe Frank FAQ page. This page also contains information about cast members for many shows. The Joe Frank Music Page is another resource that has music information cataloged. This would be great information to include in the Wiki. Could we contact these webmasters and ask permission to integrate their information?
    • Go for it! Spblat 07:54, 26 Apr 2005 (PDT)
    • No, really, let's do it! Spblat 00:03, 17 May 2005 (PDT)
    • All the Joe Frank Music Page stuff is now on the wiki. (I think.) Shiro 03:41, 4 Jul 2005 (PDT)
  • ...
  • Clean up category templates to ensure links are good and titles adhere to the style guide.
  • Secure the support and collaboration of Erik Shirokoff Done!
  • Improve the about page done, for now
  • Construct a framework for quickly finding and cross-referencing content by type (monologue, scripted actors, found tape, etc) as is done on Erik's site. The Wiki "Category" setup will be useful for this. done!
  • There's a wiki syntax formatted version of the JF Reminder text located here ready to be integrated into the wiki. (Follow the link, edit page, cut and paste, check for problems.) Formatting should now closely match the style guide. Everything is done through "Nausea." Done!
  • Establish editing standards. Done!