A Call In The Night (Remix)

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A Call In The Night (Remix) [1]
Somewhere Out There
Original Broadcast Date
Beth Dixon, Eric Sears, Paul Mantell, Rosemary Foley, Avery Hart, Arthur Miller, Joe Frank
55 minutes
Preceded by: Pathology
Followed by: Blues Singer

We were in the garden. I sat in my wheelchair.

A Call in the Night (Remix) is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series Somewhere Out There in 1997.


Monologue: Memories of childhood told in the first person against a rhythmic sound loop, a childhood fish story. Discordant voices overlapping. Joseph Molka's plays: a woman named Joe and a stranger in a plague ridden city. Each vignette is followed by an academic panel discussion. Scene in an art museum. A discussion of feet and the supermodernist movement. Monologue: Molka's journal observations of his mother on vacation. Scene in a Chinese restaurant; the couple is attacked by a waiter. Monologue: a gallows erected on a bridge and guards charged with asking passers where they are going and killing them if they swear falsely. Scene in a cab with a mad cab driver. Scene in Joe's apartment. Discussion of sensory and religious themes in the play. Questions of determinism and freedom. Monologue: A story that is repeated several times, changing slightly with each telling. While Molka's having an operation for club feat his father dies and his mother claims his father as gone to Boston. He travels to Boston, searches the city, picnics in a cemetery and becomes paralyzed.


Shared material

The text is nearly identical to A Call In The Night, except the sound effects are heavier in the original and the Joe's monologues are slightly modified and delivered with very different emphasis and set to different background sounds.