Three Shingles

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Three Shingles[1]
Somewhere Out There
Original Broadcast Date
January 14, 1996
Kristine McKenna, Arthur Miller, David Rapkin, Joe Frank
Absurd Monologue, Narrative Monologue, 57 minutes
Preceded by: Eye In The Sky
Followed by: Obsessions

It's a roadside bar, with a jukebox playing country and western music.

Three Shingles is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series Somewhere Out There. It was originally broadcast on January 14, 1996.


Joe meets a woman in a bar dressed as Jesus. They talk about her life as Jesus, other gods, losers, heaven and hell. The search for the sacred described - coming to a suburban home intermittently filled with a biological research lab, feeling that you're being watched, fixing the roof. Driving through the countryside with the Christ woman, discussing Jesus' life, an impromptu baptism in a lake. A clown plays a piano while doctors operate on an enormous woman in a bus surrounded by pilgrims. Joe and the Christ-woman visit a church, she admits that she isn't Jesus and they discuss meaninglessness. An orchestra dressed as mariachis, a dancing couple rolls down a hill past a decorated hanging man and Joe performs a ritual. The Christ woman talks about her real life.