The Cruise

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The Cruise[1]
In The Dark
Original Broadcast Date
Joe Frank
Absurd Monologue, 25 minutes
Preceded by: Just A Closer Walk With Thee
Followed by: Hit Man

I was on a small luxury cruise ship, sailing from Ushuaia, on the tip of South America, to Antarctica.

The Cruise is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series In The Dark. It was originally broadcast in 1994.


On a cruise to Antarctica Joe meets a sexually adventurous couple, a woman has an affair with the captain, and an appendix operation is performed. Joe becomes cold and ill and performs an operation on himself.


Additional credits

The original broadcast credits state: "[C]reated in collaboration with Arthur Miller and David Rapkin. The story editor was Farley Ziegler. Recorded by Jerry Summers and Theo Mondle, and mixed by Theo Mondle. Special thanks to Jennifer Ferro."