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Work In Progress
Original Broadcast Date
Lester Nafzger, Julie Renick, Joe Frank
Scripted Actors, Telephone, Mock Interview, 55 minutes
Preceded by: Sleep
Followed by: The More I Know You

"A month ago I visited my mother in Columbus Ohio."

Performer is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series Work In Progress. It was originally broadcast in 1989.


  • Lester Nafzger, on the phone, talking about his argumentative mother, 81. They have a tremendous dispute over hypnotism.
  • Superstition: counting 12 babies in arms for 12 days of good luck. Then, the 13th day.
  • Lester tells us his 26 (and counting) definitive Life Reference Points, or 'linchpins', of his existence. Events that didn't make the list.
  • Lester seems to know the height of everyone he knows. He's a numbers guy.
  • Performances: looking for Jerry Rickshaw. Joe and Lester discuss the performance. What Jerry Rickshaw means to Lester.
  • Where's Charlotte.
  • My Teeth Are So Much Uglier Than Yours.
  • Discussion of the role of an artist.
  • Performances: Missing Barbara. Cartoon. Big Band.
  • Lester describes the boogie boys: musical saboteurs.
  • A serene mother-and-baby scene.
  • Lester tells of his struggle to close the nearly 100 holes in the poorly-built wall connecting his furnace room to a porno theater next door. Then we hear audio from a porn movie.
  • Lester recites the weight of everyone he knows.


Additional credits

The original broadcast credits state: "With Lester Nafzger, Julie Renick, and Joe Frank. Recorded by Bob Carlson and Jeff Sykes, and mixed by Jeff Sykes. Special thanks to Ariana Morgenstern."


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