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This is a collection of all the articles I could find about Joe.

'Joe Frank: Dramas With a Twist for NPR' By Richard Harrington for the 'Washington Post', 1983 April 5

Radio Noir : On the Air, a Voice Like Dirty Honey Tells Stories Grim as Nightmares. If You Think Radio Is All Top 40, You Haven't Heard Joe Frank. Jamie Diamond in the 'Los Angeles Times', 1987 November 22

Radio's Prince of Darkness Rules the Freeways Kathleen Hughes in 'The Wall Street Journal', 1988 March 15

'On Air: Joe Frank's radio makes waves' Drew Wilson in the 'Chicago Reader' 1988 August 4

Talk Radio: If video killed the radio star, why is Joe Frank alive? asks Spin's David Carpenter, 1989 September

Talk Radio: If video killed the radio star, why is Joe Frank alive? asks Spin's David Carpenter, 1989 September, the picture.

Frankly, Joe's Branching Out by Dick Lochte, 'Los Angeles Magazine' 1989 March

'Rent a Family' Pays Price for Taking on a Radio Play by Sylvie Drake in the 'Los Angeles Times', 1989 March 22

Rent a Family hits Home on Issue of Commitment by Tom Stringer in the 'Los Angeles Reader', 1989 March 24

Joe Frank Sets Radio Voice, Vision on Stage by Robert Koehler for the 'Los Angeles Times' 1989 April 25

Mr. Insomnia - the art of high anxiety by Steven Mikulan for the 'Los Angeles Weekly', 1989 May 5-11

View from the top by Kate Lynch for 'Penthouse', 1989 September

The Dark Progress of Joe Frank by Ralph Rugoff for 'LA Style', 1989 November

Press release, KCRW 1990 April

Douglas Mcgowan's interview of Joe

Signing off: Joe Frank is Off the Air by Steve Lowery for the 'Los Angeles Weekly', 1997 August 29

'Public radio's bad dream' by Susan Emerling for 'Salon', 2000 March 7 'Joe Frank conjures up the nightmares that "This American Life" and "A Prairie Home Companion" have when they go home at night.'

Joe Frank, Radio's Brilliant Purveyor of Postmodern Noir, Has Been in the Hospital by Andrew Hearst, 2005 June 26

Mid-'80s Martin Scorsese Classic Also His Best Accidental NPR Rip-Off from 'Gawker', 2008 May 27

The Scandalous Origins of Martin Scorsese's After Hours by Andrew Hearst 2008 May 27

Joe Frank: off the radio by Kristine McKenna for the 'Los Angeles Weekly', 2008 September 17

On the Media: Joe Frank gets personal by James Rainey for the 'Los Angeles Times', 2011 February 2 'The radio dramatist explains where some of this darkness comes from (but won't get into particulars on why he left KCRW.)'

Jonathan Goldstein's interview with Joe for The Believer, 2013 March/April

LA Observed Notes: Joe Frank RIP by Kevin Roderick for 'LA Observed', 2018 January 16

Madeleine Brand remembers Joe on KCRW's 'Press Play', 2018 January 16

KCRW remembers radio artist Joe Frank By Avishay Artsy, 2018 January 18

Joe Frank and football uniforms KCRW's Frances Anderton gets Joe's opinions about football uniforms, 2018 January 18

Joe Frank Signs Off by Mark Oppenheimer for 'Slate', published 2018 January 19

Joe Frank: The Known-Unknown Brooke Gladstone remembers Joe in 'On the media', 2018 January 19

Joe Frank, Spinner of Strange Radio Tales, Is Dead at 79 by Richard Sandomir for the 'New York Times' 2018 January 19

Joe Frank, who pushed the boundaries of radio storytelling, dies at 79 by Steve Marble for the 'Los Angeles Times', 2018 January 24

In Memoriam: The Real Joe Frank Esmé Gregson remembers Joe for 'The Argonaut Newsweekly', 2018 January 31

The Radio Auteur: Joe Frank, Ira Glass, and Narrative Radio by Andrew Leland for 'The New York Review of Books' - 'Through his broadcasts over the course of forty years, Joe Frank, who died at seventy-nine this past January, brought the notion of the auteur to American radio.'

I thank Simson Garfinkel who keeps a page of articles about Joe, apparently scans into a PDF the Joe Frank pdf, as the only source for some of these articles.