Hot Line

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Hot Line[1]
In The Dark
Original Broadcast Date
Davis Black
Found Tape, Telephone, 28 minutes
Preceded by: Raymond
Followed by: In A Lonely Place

"Tell me about this big thrill."

Hot Line is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series In The Dark. It was originally broadcast in 1995.


'Tell me about this big thrill…' says a man, a tarot card reader, to a woman caller who longs for a relationship with a man but won't start talking to any of them. She sees them in stores, on the street; she imagines that they're fascinated with her; she imagines that a state trooper sneaks into her apartment, rearranges her stuff as a message to her. In addition to reading tarot the guy gives common-sense advice, such as that she should strike up conversations with men she likes, go out more often.

17:40: A guy calls the tarot reader, wondering if this other man loves him.

20:10: A woman calls him as a wrong number; he insists on reading her cards.

23:20: (Not on the tarot hotline) A guy remembers his father, how much he misses him (he's dead), how he could always rely on him, talk to him about anything. The father commandeered a street-sweeper in Georgia, drove it into a cemetery. He misses his friends too, dead and alive. He talks about a picture in his room looking at him, over-hearing pay phone conversations.[1]

Legacy Synopsis
  • Recordings of a telephone psychic and tarot card reader.
  • A woman with seemingly delusional love interests calls: a stranger on an elevator makes her happy. Looking young because of pain and suffering. Angels. A man repeatedly calls her on the phone, never says a word. While she's in the hospital, a state trooper sneaks into her house and re-arranges objects in symbolic ways which please her. Her relationship with a stranger who repeatedly drives past her house. The psychic advises her to get out more.
  • The psychic talks to someone else who asks, "does he love me?"
  • An insurance company representative calls with a wrong number, and he keeps her talking for several minutes.
  • A man talks about missing his father. His father commandeered a street sweeper and drove into a cemetery, stripped his apartment before dying. Waking up next to it and discovering that you are its it. People avoid the lonely.


Additional credits

The original broadcast credits state: "With Davis Black; produced by Joe Frank. It was mixed by Theo Mondle. Music editing by Bob Carlson. Special thanks to Farley Ziegler, Jennifer Ferro, Sean Levin, and Jerry Summers."


Joe re-used Hot Line as the second half of Phone Therapy, the first half of which is When I'm Calling You.