Dreamland: A Compilation

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Dreamland (A Compilation)[1]
The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
October 24, 2000
David Franks, William Reinert, Grace Zabriskie, Stanley, Joe Frank
Real People, 58 minutes
Preceded by: Karma Memories
Followed by: Karma Crash

"Basically time is just a dimension of the universe."

Dreamland (A Compilation) is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side. It was originally broadcast on October 24, 2000.


This show is all re-used material, none from Dreamland; Dreamland isn't even mentioned.

'Basically time is just a dimension of the universe...' A homeless guy explains how people use sound to harm others.[1]

2:20: Guy talks about what happened to him when he came to California, became homeless. He explains that America is a big dog, Los Angeles a giant tick on it that's going to explode.[1]

4:30: 'Geneticists and computer scientists are really working together towards a better future for everyone' making perfect clones to replace people.[1]

5:50: Guy explains why he hates garbage.[1]

7:00: Guy says that his mother (adopted) flirted with him.[1]

8:10: Guy says that when he was in Hawaii he found out he was the king of the universe, talks about drummers, Buddha, and Jesus.[1]

10: A crazy 'preacher', prankster David Franks, wants to come over for a séance with a resistant woman. (apparently a found tape).[2]

16:30: A guy tells about when he became psychotic in Manhattan. He worries that people think he's gay.[3]

18:10: Guy tells about when he was drinking in Paris. A fellow drugged him; he woke up drunk in a car on the street.[3]

20:20: Guy tells of times he blacked out. Once, on a bus trip from California to Oregon, he woke up under a truck in Corning, California. He thinks he was drugged on the bus.[3]

22:20: Guy wants to 'meet the right lady', get exercise, meditate, tarot cards, music.[3]

23:10: Guy describes his nervous breakdowns.[3]

24:10: Guy imagines he could be drug-free if he had friends like him.[3]

25:20: Guy's baffled by his stupidity, takes too many pills.[3]

26:40: Crazy preacher David Franks calls person (sounds like a woman to me; preacher addresses him/her as 'brother'), leads him/her in a crazy prayer ('Clytemnestra's daughter ... African Eurasian tiger pussycat'...).[4]

35:00: Some dial-a-prayers.[2]

42:00: A woman Grace Zabriskie talks about bliss, which comes upon her unawares, for no discernible reason, how much she likes it, how it makes her life worth living.[2]

45:10: A guy calls the tarot reader, wondering if this other man loves him.[5]

46:00: A woman calls him as a wrong number; he insists on reading her cards.[5]

49:40: A guy remembers his father, how much he misses him (he's dead), how he could always rely on him, talk to him about anything. The father commandeered a street-sweeper in Georgia, drove it into a cemetery. He misses his friends too, dead and alive. He talks about a picture in his room looking at him, over-hearing pay phone conversations.[5]

54:20: The guy from Loner tells of being in a strange town, gambling all night, forgetting his motel, spending all night looking for it.[3]

Legacy Synopsis

A paranoid homeless man, a bizarre telephone preacher, and a lonely male nurse share the stage of this surreal program.

Also see Dreamland.


Shared material


The NPR Playhouse announcer says,

You've been listening to Joe Frank, 'The Other Side'. This program was called 'Dreamland' [sic] with David Franks, William Reinert, and Grace Zabriskie, special thanks to Stanley. Production: J. C. Swiatek; production assistance: Esmé Gregson.

Who's Stanley? The homeless guy in the beginning? Who's William Reinert? The loner? Or one of the guys from the tarot hotline? Reinert's only other credit is Streetwise - could he have been the 'homeless' person?


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