Where Will It End?

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Where Will It End?[1]
The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
Larry Block, Jack Kornfield, Debi Mae West, Everton Sylvester, Joe Frank
Karma Style, 59 minutes
Preceded by: Always
Followed by: Fire And Ice

"I told you that I I made this decision to sort of be engaged to myself."

Where Will It End? is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side. It was originally broadcast on February 18, 2001.


  • Debi Mae West - She buys engagement and wedding rings for herself.
  • Larry Block - he gets valium from Zak's psychiatrist.
  • Debi - taking ecstasy at a rave, connecting with a guy and discussing chanting.
  • Sound mix: A woman talks about love, says "Kisses are wonderful," followed by a couple screaming at each other in Spanish while "As Time Goes By" plays.
  • Larry and Joe: Conventions versus objective needs, "the ritual and the actual." *The danger of divorcing oneself from convention. The arbitrariness of ties and sex acts viewed objectively. The bizarre situation of acting in a one man show. The futility of our accomplishments when viewed from 500 years in the future.
  • Debi - Her new boyfriend the married fundamentalist. Being misdiagnosed with or cured of breast cancer.
  • Larry - He's depressed by a play about sexually desperate old people.
  • Debi - more about her boyfriend and his wife.
  • Larry - His downfall makes for good radio.
  • Caribbean guy Everton Sylvester - he rails at the yuppie lifestyle of his audience: "I've got cash," and "fuck you and the Range Rover you drove in on."



  1. "Zion", a reworked version of "Bullet (Bitten)", was heard two years later during the "cave rave" scene of The Matrix Reloaded.