Waiting For The Bell

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Waiting For The Bell[1]
The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
Laura Esterman, Arthur Miller, Grace Zabriskie, Keith Talbot, Larry Block, Helen Wilson, Walica Fuller, Lester Nafzger, Farley Ziegler, Heidi Nordberg, Harvey Perr, Jack Kornfield, Joe Frank
59 minutes
Preceded by: Anthology Of Love (Remix)
Followed by: Woman And Bull In Paint Factory

Is it the smoldering beauty of my purple eyes?

Waiting For The Bell is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side. It was originally broadcast on April 22, 2001.


This episode is all re-used material, from 'The loved one', 'Thank you, you're beautiful', 'When I'm calling you', 'Zen', 'Obsessions'

'Is it the smouldering beauty of my purple eyes...' - Joe is the most beautiful, charming, intelligent, desirable person in the world, all men and women want to be with him.[1]

9:30: Desperate women and men call Joe, plead with him to make love to them.[1]

14:00: A woman (Laura Esterman) leaves a bitter voice-mail message.[2]

20:00: A woman (Laura Esterman?) tells a story about a dream. She's in a room with a bunch of men who talk about politics. She tells them it's really about a cow thrown over a cliff, which represents the way men treat women. John, a guy (this is a group therapy session), says that he's unsympathetic, that women have all power in relationships. A second guy (Larry Block) sees both of their points of view. The therapist asks another woman, Stella, what she thinks. Others participate.[3]

31:20: Jack Kornfield recounts the story of Groucho Marx and the woman with 22 children[4] to introduce talking about wanting.[5]

33:30: More of the bitter voice-mail message: she remembers going to a bar where a woman was playing piano; the pianist recounts how Joe treated her.[2]

41:00: Joe, at a party, about to leave - 'the food was pedestrian, the wine was annoyingly ironic', falls in love with a beautiful woman across the room. The hostess Darlene tries to get him to spend the night with her. By the time Joe gets free the beautiful woman has left.[6]

46:00: In the elevator on the way out Joe falls in love with another woman; Joe doesn't have the courage to talk to her.[6]

48:40: Joe goes into a coffee shop. The waitress is the woman who's in his dreams every night. Joe falls in love. He orders dozens of dishes, many of which one doesn't find in coffee shops. Joe passes out, wakes up in the emergency room. After a few hours they release him; he returns to the coffee shop, which has been razed, is now inhabited by homeless.[6]

54:00: More of the bitter voice-mail message: she remembers after when they went out to that Spanish place, tells him what a bad lover and companion he is, how much better lovers others are.[2]

Legacy Synopsis
  • Joe: Monologue - ode to self describing how great he is and incredible things he can do


Shared material

Additional credits

The original broadcast credits state: "With Laura Esterman, Arthur Miller, Grace Zabriskie, Keith Talbot, Larry Block, Helen Wilson, Lisa Hiemer,[7] Lester Nafzger, Farley Ziegler, Heidi Nordberg, Harvey Perr, Jack Kornfield, and Joe Frank. Production: Bob Carlson and Ray Guarna. Production assistance: Esmé Gregson."

  • joefrank.com lists the cast as, 'Laura Estermann, Grace Zabriskie, Larry Block, Arthur Miller, Keith Talbot, Helen Wilson, Walica Fuller,[8] Farley Ziegler, Heidi Nordberg, Harvey Perr, Phil Procter,[9] Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield, Joe Frank.'


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