The River

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The River[1]
Somewhere Out There
Original Broadcast Date
March 31, 1996
Joe Frank
Absurd Monologue, 60 minutes
Preceded by: Just Get Me Out Of Here
Followed by: Justine

We were on the Nile, going down the river.

The River is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series Somewhere Out There. It was originally broadcast on March 31, 1996.


Joe is on a passenger boat on the Nile along with a gender reversed German couple, two identical monks, an Egyptian prefect. The German couple's dog disappears. The river makes you feeling a part of god, suicide in the shower, a man with a javelin in his back, missing an eye, a woman who speaks a nonsense language and the linguist who believes it's genuine. Joe is a guide in Africa attacked by animals. Mounting animal hind parts on walls. Being covered with watches. The burial of an anthropologist by the banks of a river.


Additional credits

The original broadcast credits state: "Created in collaboration with Arthur Miller. Recorded music was from Combustible Edison. Original music was created by vocalist Judith Owen and keyboardist Todd Cochran to a loop by the group Outside. This program was recorded, edited, and mixed by Theo Mondle. Special thanks to Jennifer Ferro, Carly Eiseman, Esmé Gregson, Kelly Kidneigh, and Steve Herbert."