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Main Page
Somewhere Out There
The Other Side (Series)
Absurd Monologue
WBAI And NPR Playhouse
Larry Block
Jack Kornfield
Lester Nafzger
Debi Mae West
Work In Progress
In The Dark
Grace Zabriskie
David Rapkin
Arthur Miller
The Silver Ball (Harold Budd / Brian Eno)
Little Man Swing (Mark Isham)
Patrick Bauchau
My First Homage (Gavin Bryars)
Ryan Cutrona
Tim Jerome
Harvey Perr
Barbara Sohmers
Irene Wagner
Joseph Palmieri
Rosemary Foley
Leslie Cass
Eric Sears
Laura Esterman
59th Street Bridge Song (Simon - Garfunkel)
Simon - Garfunkel
David Cross
Ode to Perfume (Holger Czukay)
Holger Czukay
Charles Potter
Brother Theodore
Annalee Jefferies
Matt Bassford
Avery Hart
Clark Gordon
Robin Goodman
Paul Mantell
Tess Steincolk
Heidi Nordberg
Farley Ziegler
Friederike Frank
Freddy Frank
Exquisite Corpse (Shriekback)
Lanzarote (Brian Eno)
Shut Up Pedro (Thomas Newman)
Marimba Song (Boo Boo's Gone Mambo) (Laika)
Pat Metheny
Third Stone From The Sun (Pat Metheny)
No Justice, No Peace (Intelligent Hoodlum)
Intelligent Hoodlum
Snippet (Blonde Redhead)
Blonde Redhead
Marnie Castor
Bob Odenkirk
Oneski (Richard H. Kirk)
Richard H. Kirk
5 (Leslie Winer)
Leslie Winer
Beth Dixon
Longing for Daydreams (Holger Czukay)
Sume Sigh Say (House Of Gypsies)
House Of Gypsies
Maude Davis
Davis Black
Insomnie Nemurenai (Instrumental) (United Future Organization)
United Future Organization
Sunray Dub (Babble)
Pomme Fritz (Meat 'N Veg) (Orb)
Lizard Point (Brian Eno)
Around the World (Mantovani and his Orchestra)
Me and My Shadow (karaoke)
Just A Closer Walk With Thee (The Canadian Brass)
The Canadian Brass
Funky Worm (Ohio Players)
Ohio Players
Cloud Mountain (Gabrielle Roth And The Mirrors)
Fools Gold (The Stone Roses)
The Stone Roses
Come Sta, La Luna (Can)
Unspeakable Dawn (Michael Shrieve / David Beal)
Michael Shrieve
David Beal
Beautiful (Babble)
Give the Drummer Some (Can)
Bumpin' (Wes Montgomery)
Wes Montgomery
Music For 18 Musicians (Steve Reich)
Andre Kostelanetz And His Orchestra
I Wish You Love (Andre Kostelanetz And His Orchestra)
Jeff Beck
Diamond Dust (Jeff Beck)
Sex (Thomas Newman)
Flyin' On 747 (Kid Loco)
DJ Food
Dark River (DJ Food)
The Joe Frank Music Page
David Franks
Mark Hammer
Alan Hunter
F. Murray Abraham
Carolyn Swift
Jane Hunt
Tess Gallagher
Porter Fielding
All Shows
Kristine McKenna
Zak Block
Sandy Faison
Henry Dennis
Bob Carlson
Fred Coffin
Helen Wilson
Jerry Klein
Michael Meloan
Milton Schindler
Milio Brodski
Tamar Braut
Keith Talbot
Nick Ullett
Steve Friedman
Denny Partridge
Walica Fuller
Christina Moore
David St. James
Marcel Rosenblatt
Marilyn Casky
Bob Gordon
Naomi Schwarz
Fran Dorn
Theresa Nolan
Julie Renick
Sally Rainer
Antony Becker
A. Lorey
Nancy Condy
Mimi Calpestory
Alan Arbus
Douglas Johnson
Phil Proctor
Ruth Seymour
Gideon Brower
Cast Members
Everton Sylvester
Florina Federescou
Taylor Negron
Cast Members
Narrative Monologue
J.P. Fenyo
Clement von Franckenstein
Roy Eisenstein
Niles Goldstein
Khalid Muhammad
Maude Gaines
Michal Story
Mike Fremuth
Julian Barratt
Julian Barratt
Julia Davis
Scott Carrier
Larry Massett
Mannie Klein
Little Dream In Turqouise (Erik Wøllo)
Erik Wøllo
Fionnula Flanagan
Alone Again So (Kid Loco)
Eine andere Welt (Another World) (Popol Vuh)
All My Tomorrows (Frank Sinatra)
A Meeting by the River (Ry Cooder / V.M. Bhatt)
Friends and Enemies (DJ Cam)
Go Faster (Propellerheads)
Goye Kur (Ali Farka Toure)
Gypsy Violin (Harold Budd)
I Will Wait For You (Mantovani)
Illicity Part One (Extended Spirit)
Infrarouge (The Mighty Bop)
Into Dust (Mazzy Star)
Isa Lei (Ry Cooder / V.M. Bhatt)
Kontakte (Les Rythmes Digitales)
One More Night (Can)
Loose Ends (Sinead Lohan)
More and More (The Hidden Persuader) (Rockers Hi-Fi)
Ponderosa (Tricky)
Power Spot (Jon Hassell)
Principles of Lust (Enigma)
Qu'ran (Brian Eno / David Byrne)
Rearrange (Cinematic Orchestra)
The Beast (Autechre Mix) (Palmskin Productions)
Remote Viewing (Tangerine Dream)
River (Enya)
River of Bass (Underworld)
Rock Hammer (Thomas Newman)
Philip Glass
Part One (Philip Glass)
Facades (Philip Glass)
Romantic Love (DJ Cam)
Rosasolis (Penguin Cafe Orchestra)
Sex (The Necks)
Six Marimbas (Steve Reich)
Solea (Miles Davis)
Spacebeach (Arling - Cameron)
Spanish Reggae (The Durutti Column)
Stoned (Manali Cream Mix) (Rockers Hi-Fi)
The Lower We Fly (Outside)
The Race (Yello)
The Spirit Cannot Fail (Bill Nelson)
The Stone (Andreas Vollenweider)
The Veldt (Combustible Edison)
They Drive by Night (David Van Tieghem)
Thursday Afternoon (61 Minute Version) (Brian Eno)
Time and the River (Fred Simon)
Tortoise (Higher Intelligence Agency)
Turtle Dreams (Waltz) (Meredith Monk)
Tzima N'arki (Eno / Moebius / Roedelius)
Highschool Lover (Air)
Hold On, It's Coming No.1 (Country Joe McDonald)
The Sinking Of The Titanic (Gavin Bryars)
She's Leaving The Bank (Ry Cooder)
The Player (Thomas Newman)
Valencia (Rachid Taha)
Walking (Steve Tibbetts)
Water From a Vine Leaf (William Orbit)
Watermark (Enya)
Weather Storm (Massive Attack)
West Deep (Bill Nelson)
What the World Needs Now (Harvey Sachs)
Wing Melodies (Jon Hassell)
Woe Be To Khorazin (Popol Vuh)
Karma Style
Ali Farka Toure
Always Returning (Brian Eno)
Andreas Vollenweider
Angel Dust (DJ Cam)
Antonio Carlos Jobim
Are You Going With Me? (Pat Metheny Group)
Arling - Cameron
Atom Dream (William Orbit)
Bill Nelson
Improv Actors
Scripted Actors
Call In Show
Narrative Monologue
Found Tape
Panel Discussion
Sound Effects
Gregory Poe
Pledge Drive
Brazil (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
Brian Eno
Long Gray Line (Thomas Newman)
Buried At Sea (MC 900 Ft Jesus)
Cinematic Orchestra
Chilli Hot (Us3)
Ceres Motion (Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co.)
Country Joe McDonald
Creatures (Startled Insects)
DJ Cam
David Byrne
David Van Tieghem
Doris Dub (Tosca)
Durian (Cinematic Orchestra)
Dusk You and Me (Groove Armada)
Eurochild (Massive Attack)
Extended Spirit
Fila Brazilia Remix of Six Underground (Sneaker Pimps)
Flowered Knife Shadows (Harold Budd)
Foreign Affairs (Eno / Moebius / Roedelius)
Frank Sinatra
Fred Simon
Definition (Kruder and Dorfmeister)
Gavin Bryars
Groove Armada
Grover Washington Jr.
Harold Budd
The Herbaliser
Higher Intelligence Agency
Hydra (Grover Washington Jr.)
Ian Brown
Kid Loco
Jon Hassell
Les Rythmes Digitales
MC 900 Ft Jesus
Mark Isham
Massive Attack
Mazzy Star
Meredith Monk
Miles Davis
Mock Interview
Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co.
Not Available Online
Palmskin Productions
Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Popol Vuh
Brothers of Darkness - Sons of Light (Popol Vuh)
Rachid Taha
Real People
Regiment (Brian Eno / David Byrne)
Ry Cooder
Rockers Hi-Fi
Rickie Lee Jones
Sneaker Pimps
Sinead Lohan
Serious Monologue
The Necks
The Durutti Column
Tangerine Dream
Steve Tibbetts
Steve Reich
Startled Insects
Thomas Newman
V.M. Bhatt
William Orbit
Hard Work (John Handy)
John Handy
Another Country (Shadowfax)
The Angel At The Western Window (Bill Nelson)
Ravinia / Vancouver (Jon Hassell)
Skin Deep (Duke Ellington)
Duke Ellington
World Anthem (Charles Ditto)
Charles Ditto
Mimosa (Michael Brook)
Michael Brook
Sanfona (Egberto Gismonti)
Egberto Gismonti
Kakashi (かかし Scarecrow) (Aragon)
Otherwise (Adam Rudolph)
Adam Rudolph
Swanlake (Terry Allen)
Terry Allen
Scircura (Chas Smith)
Chas Smith
Possible Straight (Lyle Mays)
Lyle Mays
Spring Is Here (Wendy Waldman)
Wendy Waldman
Xibaba (Donald Byrd)
Donald Byrd
Ay Jalisco No Te Rajas (Mariachi Miguel Dias)
Mariachi Miguel Dias
Toccata, Adagio, and Fugue in C Major, BWV 564: Fugue (J.S. Bach)
J.S. Bach
Sketch (Penguin Cafe Orchestra)
The Sound Of Someone You Love Who's Going Away And It Doesn't Matter (Penguin Cafe Orchestra)
As Time Goes By (Dooley Wilson)
Dooley Wilson
White Mischief (Penguin Cafe Orchestra)
Rick Overton
Sonya Verdiya
Tucker Smallwood
Irving Gelman
Royal Garden Blues (Canadian Brass)
Canadian Brass
Make The World Go Away (Hank Cochran and Jeannie Seely)
Hank Cochran and Jeannie Seely
The Stripper (Si Zentner And His Orchestra)
Si Zentner And His Orchestra
Ho Renomo (Cluster - Eno)
Cluster - Eno
Hans-Joachim Roedelius
Sehnsucht Ich Will Dich Lassen (To Be Free Of Yearning) - (Hans-Joachim Roedelius)
Words With The Shaman Part 1 (Ancient Evening) (David Sylvian et al)
David Sylvian
Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (Gavin Bryars)
Caso (Ambitious Lovers)
Ambitious Lovers
Paradise (Sade)
Can't Run But (Paul Simon)
Paul Simon
Never Get Out Of The Boat (Gosh Mix) (The Aloof)
The Aloof
Você Gosta (Freezzy Jam Remix) (Suba)
Selflessness (John Coltrane)
John Coltrane
Epominomous, Where Are You? (Mike Richmond)
Mike Richmond
Gulliver (Green Isac)
Green Isac
Bent Cold Sidewalk (Tangerine Dream)
William Reinert
A Fine Line (Tim Story)
Tim Story
Eihwaz (Defense) / Kano (Opening) (Giles Reaves)
Giles Reaves
It Could Be Sweet (Portishead)
Fratres (The 12 Cellists Of The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and Arvo Pärt)
The 12 Cellists Of The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and Arvo Pärt
Julia Sweeney
The Kiss (Harold Budd)
El Lamento de los Ayatollah (Roberto Musci - Giovanni Venosta)
Roberto Musci - Giovanni Venosta
Body Of Light (Bill Nelson)
Kiss Me When I Get Back (Tom Tom Club)
Tom Tom Club
Ponta De Lança Africano (Umbabarauma) (Jorge Ben)
Jorge Ben
The Mighty Bop
New York/Brazil (Lee Ritenour)
Lee Ritenour
Alternative 3 (Brian Eno)
Aragon (Brian Eno)
The Dream (Ry Cooder)
Laughter Meditation (Haruomi Hosono)
Haruomi Hosono
Teami no Onpu (手編の音符 Handknitted Notes) (Aragon)
New Island Midnight (Dr. John)
Dr. John
Strange Love (Haruomi Hosono With Friends Of Earth)
Haruomi Hosono With Friends Of Earth
C'est Le Vent Betty (Gabriel Yared)
Gabriel Yared
True Dub (New Order)
New Order
Pages with broken file links
T on a White Horse (Eberhard Weber)
Eberhard Weber
Höre, der du wagst (Popol Vuh)
Brüder Des Schattens (Popol Vuh)
Peace Piece (Bill Evans)
Bill Evans
Music For Mallet Instruments, Voices And Organ (Steve Reich)
More Colours (Eberhard Weber)
Kissin' Cousins (Horace Silver)
Horace Silver
Self-Initiation (Bill Nelson)
In The Jungle (Man Jumping)
Man Jumping
Demon Raising (Bill Nelson)
Brussels (Jon Hassell)
Danny's All-Star Joint (Rickie Lee Jones)
Nothing (Edie Brickell and New Bohemians)
Edie Brickell and New Bohemians
Call It Love (Yello)
The Calling (Gabrielle Roth And The Mirrors)
Fisherman's Daughter (Daniel Lanois)