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Someone new to Joe Frank might hear this program and say "what's the point?" but it's still nice and mesmerizing storytelling, without anything particularly outrageous to alienate the uninitiated.

The dog guy sure came loose at the end of his story, that was a surprise!

The homeless guy. We hear more stuff like this in The Street and possibly elsewhere. There's something about these mad rants...something fascinating about how the usual societal rules of conversation and speech are forgotten by these folks, allowing them to express themselves in pure, unfiltered ways that could make what we hear a uniquely genuine reflection of what's inside them. You don't get that kind of honesty from someone at a cocktail party who's got his guard up.

Jerry and his grapes: pretty striking what happens when people come unglued when faced with all of life's bureaucratic stresses. If this interests you, you probably missed out on playing Bureaucracy, a text adventure game by Douglas Adams. - Spblat (talk) 17:37, 9 February 2005