Sunday Morning Service

"When I first started talking to him, every time we'd start to say a sentence it was like."

The Sunday Morning Service[1]
The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
December 10, 2000
Debi Mae West, Larry Block, Maude Gaines, Kelly Kidneigh, Joe Frank
Karma Style, 52 minutes
Preceded by: Bitter Pill
Followed by: Caged Heart

The Sunday Morning Service is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side. It was originally broadcast on December 10, 2000.


Maude Gaines tells Joe about her relationship with this French fellow; they like dark movies, mention 'Dancer in the dark'. They stay up drinking wine until 3 AM. He can't keep on doing it but she does; they break off.

5:10: Larry tells Joe about the Russian lady, a neighbor, who always greeted Larry warmly, praised him and his family. About 2 years ago, when Larry was fighting with Jolly, she complained about the noise, banged on her floor (apparently she lived in the apartment above). She got mad at Larry, blamed him and Jolly for setting a bad example for their children.

11:00: Maude Gaines tells Joe that the 'guy' in the first segment was really a girl. She says it's a family trait to admire beautiful women. She recounts a party at which she tried to climb around her balcony, perhaps down the side of the building, but others stopped her. She regales Joe with her French accent.

16:30: Joe tells Larry about a woman, Lila, he met at an art gallery (she looks like Jessica Lange, is 6' tall). Joe tells her story about a guy in a pub in England who kissed her unasked. Joe asked what the kiss was like, so she kissed him. They date. She had a fantasy about making love to a police officer. Joe gets a policeman's uniform from his wardrobe mistress friend Kirsten, goes to Lila's house.

28:30: Maude Gaines likes to talk French(ly). The friend whose ID she borrows goes to Joshua Tree for the weekend so she tries to buy beer (Pacifico) at Pavilions by pretending to be French, but it doesn't work. She dropped a 16-pack of Pacifico beer (hooked on her jeans jacket) before she checked out, prospective punishment for enforcing the ID law.

31:40: Debi narrates a visit to Joe's house with their friend Kelly Kidneigh, a vintner in Oregon. They call cocktails 'cockteases'. Debi and Kelly talk about the difference between making love to women and men. Kelly wants to spend the rest of her life with Joe.

40:50: Larry recurs to the Russian woman, tells Joe that he told her that his screaming was rehearsing for a play, which reconciles them, then they make love (maybe).

47:30: Kelly Kidneigh tells Joe about a relationship she had with an older woman (36) when she was 22. She enjoyed it, but missed having a penis inside her. The relationship lasted 6 months; the woman got angry when she left. Debi reminds Kelly and Joe of the time they danced in their pajamas at a show Joe put on in the Viper room. Kelly says the 3 of them should move to Utah, the great life they could have together.

51:10: Joe asks Maude to say something to him in French. She's been studying it since she was 14.

'You've been listening to Joe Frank "The other side". This program was called "The Sunday morning service" with Larry Block, Maude Gaines, Kelly Kidneigh, Debi Mae West, and Joe Frank - production: J. C. Swiatek and Bob Carlson, production assistance: Esmé Gregson'

Legacy Synopsis
  • A woman talks about experiencing a deep but asexual connection with a French guy, being frustrated.
  • Larry - He befriends a Russian woman in his building, and she confronts him about having overheard his family fighting and then stops talking to him.
  • Woman - Watching attractive women. The French man discussed earlier was actually a woman. Trying to jump off a balcony at a party.
  • Larry and Joe - Joe meets a woman who looks like Jessica Lange at a museum. She describes being kissed by a young stranger, demonstrates the kiss to Joe. (Larry asks about being kissed by a gay man.) Joe dates her but is intimidated by her height. She describes a fantasy about sex with a policeman. Joe borrows a friend's police costume and goes to her apartment. He asks Larry to finish the story.
  • Woman - Trying to use a fake French accent to buy beer without ID.
  • Two women record an exploration of Joe's house. Cockteases. They discuss a party Joe did not attend. A woman discuses a competition to bed her, ends up breaking up a lesbian relationship. Making love to women. A genital shaped bed. Blow jobs. Begging Joe to change his dinner plans. An Ex gives a blow job to his roommate.
  • Larry - Joe tells him he's not being recorded. He meets the Russian woman in an elevator, tells her what she overheard was his rehearsal. She invites him in, they have sex. "I'm pretty sure this happened."
  • Two women - a first lesbian experience, missing a penis. They recall dancing with confetti in Joe's show at the Viper room. Moving to Utah and forming a polygamous marriage.
  • Woman - Speaking in French.


Additional credits

  • Production by JC Swiatek and Bob Carlson
  • Production assistance Esmé Gregson