Red Sea (A Compilation)

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Red Sea (A Compilation)[1]
The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
January 28, 2001
Joe Frank
Absurd Monologue, 60 minutes
Preceded by: Always
Followed by: Where Will It End?

There was a time when I looked in the mirror, and I could see nothing.

Red Sea (A Compilation) is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side. It was originally broadcast on January 28, 2001.


This episode is all reused material, first from White Moon (13 minutes), then Just Get Me Out Of Here (26 minutes), then Red Sea (20 minutes).

Joe recounts when he was invisible. He wrapped his head in gauze. He lost his job as bank teller.[1]

6:20: Joe (still invisible) took a vow of silence. He gradually stopped understanding words. He hired hookers. He joined a Buddhist monastery in Idaho, but they wouldn't let him stay because of the gauze.[1]

9:50: Joe tells God how much they've been through together, how well they understand each other, looks forward to getting together again on Sunday, wonders why their relationship's faltering.[1]

13:30: Joe recounts when he had a breakdown, was committed to mental hospital on a ship.[2]

22:50: Joe talks about the relationship between erectile tissue and pollen, a conference in Prague, the use of pyribenzamine as an aphrodisiac. A physician and his assistant, lovers, come dressed as a nose and a swab, get into a fight; the physician kills the assistant.[2]

28:50: Joe recounts troubled flight to Lima for an expedition to dig in Mayan ruins.[3] Celia Brown, a beautiful young woman in the crew, comes to his room at night, is obsessed with him; she speaks to him in German. He takes pyribenzamine, which reminds him of seeing his mother with a lover as a child; he gets sick, faints.[2]

36:10: Sweet nothings in German.[2]

39:40: Joe tells of a rabbi's wife who sleeps with everybody else in town. When the rabbi confronts her, she takes offense, packs all her stuff and leaves.[4]

45:50: Joe tells of a hermaphrodite and eunuch who share a hotel room. The hermaphrodite happily makes love to itself; the eunuch reads and goes for walks. They disapprove of each other. The eunuch buys a ticket to Minsk; the rabbi's wife gets on the train.[4]

49:20: Joe asks what we learn from this story, offers some parody morals.[4]

50:30: Cantor sings prayers over 'Go faster'[4]

54:40: '10 × 10' by 808 State[4]

55:50: Joe describes what's on the Red Sea, including a crew from Harvard and a yeshiva.[4]

Legacy Synopsis

Joe is an invisible bank teller, takes a vow of silence. Discussing the end of a relationship with god. Joe is in a mental hospital on a ship with a mad psychiatrist who declares the ship a sovereign nation and declares war on New Zealand. Pyrobenzamine, side effects, and the doctor who kills his male lover assistant at a medical conference, goes to prison, and tries to escape by mailing himself. Flying into the Lima airport in a plane which lost an engine. Joe falls for a woman at an anthropological dig, remembers his childhood. Interpreting a story: the cheating rabbi's wife and the eunuch and the hermaphrodite. Boats on the red sea.


Shared material


  • Very different from Red Sea (1996 version). Includes the invisible bank teller material from White Moon.


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