Nancy Condy

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Nancy Condy appeared in the following programs:


Nancy Ann Condy was born 1930 May 30 in Solano County, CA to Marie Condy (Stannard) and Charles Condy

She was living in Louisville, Kentucky in the 1940 Census with her parents and a younger brother and sister.

She was living in Los Angeles, CA in the 1950 Census with the same family. She worked as a ‘Baby Sitting Cashier’.

She married Brian R Jackson in Los Angeles on 1952 February 2.

She married Albert P Henrich in Marin, CA on 1970 November 7.

She first showed up in the records as living in Bolinas, CA in 1982. She stays there until at least 2020. Some of the time she lived on Evergreen in an address close to Mimi Calpestri's.