Karma Don't Deny Me

"There's a particular woman who lives in my building."

Karma, Don't Deny Me[1]
The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
Larry Block, Jack Kornfield, Mike Meloan, Joe Frank
Karma Style, 60 minutes
Preceded by: Karma For Dollars
Followed by: Pledge Drive Rough Cuts

Karma, Don't Deny Me is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side. It was originally broadcast on July 30, 2000.


Larry tells of a neighbor, Shirley, who believes in evidence-free medical 'conspiracy theories', astrology, spiritual healing; Larry gets angry and banishes her from his home. Larry challenges spiritual healers visiting her to treat his dog.

8:20: Jack Kornfield talks about how we ignore the goodness of our hearts.[1]

9:20: Mike Meloan tells of meeting an Indian palm reader. When Meloan won't pay him the fee he wants, he yells, 'Don't deny me!'[2]

14:50: Jack Kornfield talks about dealing with difficult situations by imagining that Jesus/Buddha/Mary shows up to take over.[2]

20:50: Joe tells of his job teaching at a private school in NYC, including Kim and their unfortunate date.[3]

40:30: 'The Earth is 1 of 9 planets that revolve around the sun...' Joe describes the vastness of space.[4]

42:10: A drunk harasses Joe's date.[5]

45:20: Joe observes how small things look from an airplane, contrasts that perspective from how the city appears on the land, goes on to comment on the ephemerality of life.[6]

47:50: Jack Kornfield quotes Longfellow, 'If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man's life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility',[7] urges upon us loving-kindness.

56:00: Larry tells a joke about a faith healer.

Legacy Synopsis
  • Larry Block - Woman who lives in the same building is an alternative healer and believes a conspiracy blocks that and Larry argues with he wife about it. Later, Larry has the healers try to cure their dog, but that doesn't help and Larry feels vindicated.
  • Jack Kornfield - A different world.
  • Mike Meloan - Distracted state leads to an encounter with a man who wants to tell his fortune while touching him. Then offers a stone for improved sexual function. Offers $25 for the readings, but the fortune teller points out a price list that lists $60. Stressful ending and possible magic cursing.
  • Kornfield - Meditation on a difficult situation. Divinity within us.
  • Long ago, Joe taught at a school and fantasized about other teachers. Dating Kim the kindergarten teacher (this sequence appears elsewhere also.) Another date with a co-worker and an encounter with a drunk person which ruined the evening. The micro-cosmos and macro-cosmos.
  • Kornfield - Suffering enough - Everyone betrayed - Turning toward forgiveness - Wishing Loving Kindness to All
  • Larry - Tells a story of a faith healer.



This episode is 70% recycled material; only the first and last 2 segments appear first (or at all) in this episode.


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