Just An Ordinary Man (Video)

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Just An Ordinary Man
Original Broadcast Date
March 26, 2010
Joe Frank
Absurd Monologue, Video, 10 minutes

There was a time when I had a telescope with a perfectly ground reflecting mirror that rivalled the size of the telescope at Mount Palomar

Just An Ordinary Man is a video released on YouTube in 2010 featuring Joe Frank in his characteristic storytelling style, accompanied by musicians James Harrah, Kenny Lyon, and Danny Frankel. It was originally broadcast on March 26, 2010.


Joe has an exquisitely crafted telescope. He is on the verge of a significant discovery and is interrupted by his ex-wife at the door. She comes in, bedraggled and wet. She changes into a dry robe and they argue about their divorce. Then they exchange wistful stories about their past, then they make love. This happens again and again until Joe realizes it's not his ex: he's never met her before.


  • "Just An Ordinary Man" - James Harrah, Kenny Lyon, Danny Frankel

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