Iceland (Part 2) (Remix)

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Iceland (Part 2) (Remix)[1]
Somewhere Out There
Original Broadcast Date
Joe Frank
Absurd Monologue, Narrative Monologue, Absurd Lists, 57 minutes
Preceded by Five Part Dissonance (Remix)
Followed by Eye In The Sky

Do you have any idea how many people send me their short stories, their poems and their journals, which they want me to critique and even read on the air?

Iceland (Part 2) (Remix) is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series Somewhere Out There. It was originally broadcast in 1996. It consists of material from Iceland (Part 2) and Iceland (Part 3) from 1990.


This is almost all of Iceland (Part 3), with the first segment (torching unwanted listener submissions) abridged; the segment from part 2, the time Lila and Joe are going to go to a dinner party but get the call about Vogel's death, inserted. Oddly, the pickup driver on the beach at Cape Cod doesn't give Joe a subpoena but Joe has it in his hand at the end of the segment.

0:00: Joe tells us that listeners send him stories, poems, journals, that they want him to critique and read on his show. Joe tells us that this is his show, not theirs. He piles them up, sets them on fire, prays that god receive this offering. (sounds of fire and fighting it)[1]

6:30: Joe recounts the dinner party at some of his oldest friends, how late Lila makes them. She's sympathizing with a neighbor whose husband left her; then, Lila's mother calls, distraught about her son's arrest for voyeurism in a women's bathroom at the Hilton. After that, she puts a lot of effort into her makeup, then tries on different outfits, asking Joe what he thinks. Just after they get out the door, the phone rings: Professor Vogel has died; she's to come to the reading of the will. She describes their fieldwork with Bedouin tribesmen, everyone's passion for the work, his nursing of her after a scorpion sting.[2]

13:50: Joe delivers a paean to the glories of Iceland.[1]

15:20: Joe describes the scene at Lila's apartment. She has all her belongings piled up, trying to decide what to pack for the trip to Iceland. Joe's exasperated, thinks it's time to leave already. As usual, they get out to the street, try to hail a cab, late. They get a gypsy cab (driven by a real gypsy) who asks for an exorbitant rate. Joe bargains him down, but still high; the cabbie proves to be an excellent, if not law-abiding driver, drives down a runway,gets to the terminal in time. They're unhappy that they get center seats instead of the window seats they paid for.[1]

21:50: 'I came to the rabbi in a state of crisis…' Joe describes the home of a well-appointed rabbi. When the rabbi appears, he asks Joe some odd questions, then tells him not to answer, just to think about them.[1]

24:40: Joe tells of taking the train to Grasporia (sp?): a peasant woman with chickens, a beautiful young woman in tears, the beauty of the countryside. He gets sick to his stomach, remembers his father, a carver of wooden dolls.[1]

28:00: Joe recounts digging in an ancient cemetery on the upper Nile. They find a sarcophagus, open its lid, find a grand party underneath; the lid is a skylight to a ballroom.[1]

32:20: Party noises, 'In the mood' (Glenn Miller)

33:00: 'One more night' (Can)

33:20: Joe's walking along the shore of Cape Cod at dusk, describes the sights, smells, and sounds. A pickup drives at him. His favorite hat, which he lost 3 months ago, skitters along the sand.[1][3]

35:40: 'The girl from Ipanema' (Joe). He's singing in a jazz club. He describes the audience. He's both doing what he's always wanted to do and hates the club. He wants to tell the people in the audience what he thinks of them.[1]

38:40: Joe says that Jesus walked upon the water in Iceland; we all may.[1]

39:20: Oswald, Professor Vogel's assistant, meets them at the airport. Joe describes Vogel's estate and chalet. Vogel is in a block of ice, per his instructions.[1]

41:30: The lawyer arrives, reads the will. Lila gets almost everything.[1]

42:30: Lila tells Joe she had no idea she meant that much to him. They have to cancel their return tickets to have enough time to dispose of his estate.[1]

43:30: Joe, having nothing to do, walks the tundra.[1]

44:10: Joe finds Vogel's love letters to Lila all around the chalet. Joe reads some of the letters, all about how much Lila meant to him.[1]

47:30: Joe finds, 'our love making is becoming increasingly passionate.' despite 'We barely talk. Our relationship seems to hardly exist.'[1]

48:40: Joe says he's feeling lonely and vulnerable, wants a hug, asks the listener to hug her/his radio, kiss the dial, rub its back, blow into the speaker grille, tongue the volume control, extend the antenna and stroke it… then he smokes a cigarette.[1]

50:30: Joe dreams that he's in Tahiti with Vogel, dancing together Vogel tells Joe that he's his son, that all those letters were for him, not Lila. Vogel's nose bleeds, then his ears and eyes. Joe finds it funny. The dream ends.[1]

52:10: Laughter, forced and languid at first, gets a little more convincing. (I think I hear 2 men and 1 woman.)[4]

55:10: Joe delivers a paean to water.[1]

56:20: 'Fire and ice, the handmaidens of civilization, the linchpins, the infrastructure, the yin and yang, the sun and moon, unifying principles.'[1]


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