Holy Land

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Holy Land [1]
The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
Arthur Miller, Larry Block, Farley Ziegler, David Franks, Grace Zabriskie, Keith Talbot, Robert Gordon, Joe Frank
Absurd Monologue, Improv Actors, Found Tape, 58 minutes
Preceded by: Higher Learning
Followed by: On The Edge (Remix)

I'm in the Garden of Eden with Eve, she's naked.

Holy Land is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side. It was originally broadcast on November 14, 1999.[1]


This episode is 100% re-used material, from 'God Only Knows', 'Smile', 'Prayer', and 'A natural disaster'.

Joe tells of Adam & Eve from Adam's point-of-view.[2]

10:10: Joe gives his account of the story of Joseph, father of Jesus, that Mary is bright and witty while Joseph is hesitant and withdrawn; he feels that Mary betrayed him with God. He becomes a drunk and a tramp.

Joseph resents Jesus's success, suspects his 'miracles' are tricks, is secretly happy at the crucifixion.[2]

21:10: A woman (Farley Ziegler?) calls Joe. She's been keeping track of Joe's medical expenses, is exasperated by the difficulty.[3]

23:50: A rabbi talks with Joe about immortality.[3]

24:40: Larry complains to Joe that Arthur Miller gets more of his stuff on Joe's shows. Joe disagrees.[3]

26:30: A woman (Farley Ziegler?) leaves a message on Joe's answering machine, apologizing for not being what Joe wants.[3]

27:00: A fellow (Keith Talbot[4]) leaves a message on Joe's answering machine, saying that he can tell when Joe's doing better because he calls less.[3]

27:40: A guy ('Cousin Bob' - Robert Gordon?) talks about the significance of life.[3]

28:10: A woman with an accent (Grace Zabriskie? Noemi?) says 'radio talk' helps her deal with anxiety.[3]

29:10: Arthur Miller tells Joe what a bad actor Larry is, how good he is, wants more money.[3]

31:10: The rabbi talks about celebrating weddings and bar mitzvahs, feeling that deceased parents of the celebrants are watching. He believes that there's an eternal spirit.[3]

32:10: 'Alice don't know me that well' protests a woman to a crazy 'preacher', prankster David Franks, who wants to come over for a séance.[5][6]

38:40: Random people praying; joefrank.com in 2013 reads, 'We hear a series of religious Dial-a-Prayers.' - it sounds like it.[6]

46:30: Crazy preacher (David Franks) calls person (sounds like a woman to me; preacher addresses him/her as 'brother'), leads him/her in a crazy prayer ('Clytemnestra's daughter … African Eurasian tiger pussycat'…).[7]

55:10: A woman (Grace Zabriskie) talks about bliss, which comes upon her unawares, for no discernible reason, how much she likes it, how it makes her life worth living.[6]

Legacy Synopsis

First person account of Adam and Eve. Joseph as a resentful father. A woman complains about doctor's bills for a long list of procedures. A man talks about achieving immortality through what we leave behind. Larry complains that Joe didn't use his material a program about pilgrimage, says that Joe is bullied by Arthur Miller into using his material. Arthur makes fun of Larry for doing research in preparation for a program, says that Larry may be able to act but cannot improvise, then praises himself and threatens to quit unless he gets more money. A man talks about experiencing the spirit of the dead. Prank telephone spirit medium / preacher calls. Preachers speak, offer prayers. More prank calls. A woman talks about experiencing bliss.


This is an incomplete record of the music in this program. If you can add more information, please do.

Shared material


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