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== Music ==  
== Music ==  
{{Tortise (Higher Intellegence Agency) }}
{{Tortise (Higher Intellegence Agency)}}
{{Ai Du (Ry Cooder / Ali Toure Farka) }}
{{Unknown (Unknown)}} (starting at 15:51)
{{Ai Du (Ry Cooder / Ali Toure Farka)}}

== Commentary ==  
== Commentary ==  

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Eye In The Sky[1]
Somewhere Out There
Original Broadcast Date
January 7, 1996
Joe Frank, Jack Kornfield
Absurd Monologue, Narrative Monologue, 1 hour
Preceded by: Streetwise
Followed by: Three Shingles

"That sigalert continues out in Chino Hills on the Corona expressway."

Eye In The Sky is the name of a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series Somewhere Out There. It was originally broadcast on January 7, 1996.


Joe is a helicopter traffic man reporting on bizarre disaster scenes in Los Angeles. Checking into a hotel and overhearing phone conversations. A list of chores that spirals into psuedotechnical nonsense. Kornfield: life force, paying the toll for the car behind you. Joe survives a helicopter crash and has only one eye. Preparing for the end of the world. Joe reports on a police chase. Watching a ship sink. Empty roads after a chemical spill. A traffic report that degenerates into an endless stream of Los Angeles streets.


Template:Tortise (Higher Intellegence Agency) Template:Unknown (Unknown) (starting at 15:51) Template:Ai Du (Ry Cooder / Ali Toure Farka)


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This is one of my all time favorites. It was probably the first Joe Frank program I ever heard, and I was blown away by the opening sequence of Joe in his traffic chopper describing an increasingly chaotic scene across Los Angeles. And at the end, when he launches into a seemingly endless stream of streets and locations, radio-traffic-guy style? Priceless.

Somewhere Out There

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