Don't Know Mind

"There came a point where I wanted to leave my apartment."

Don't Know Mind[1]
The Other Side
Original Broadcast Date
Larry Block, David Rapkin, Gregory Poe, Henry Dennis, Jack Kornfield, Joe Frank
Karma Style, 59 minutes
Preceded by: Summer Hill
Followed by: The Future

Don't Know Mind is a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series The Other Side. It was originally broadcast on June 17, 2001.


Larry tells Joe he lost his keys, can't find them.

4:30: David Rapkin tells Joe things he's lost, including his wife, who, along with her friend the strawberry blonde dancer Diana Kitrova, rode off with a stranger when they were lost in Manhattan. They returned 3 days later, keeping secret what had happened to them. They divorced.

7:00: Joe tells Rapkin that when he was around 18 he had a fantasy of digging his father up, holding his bones in his arms.

8:40: Gregory Poe tells Joe he was a close friends with a daughter of an oral surgeon to film stars. Poe inherited dental x-rays of stars, from which he made a mini-dress. The daughter 'was the first women's bodybuilding champion of the world'. She put on shows in Japan, which Poe describes.[1] She and Poe married in Las Vegas one day, flew to Tijuana that day to get divorced.[2]

12:30: Poe describes a beautiful US flag design dress she wore to a party. The hostess alternately berated her and praised her for the dress, which Poe attributed to drugs.

14:40: Poe tells Joe the hostess of the party, a Chinese woman, wrote a script for a movie, Operation eunuch, about a market for the testicles of wealthy American boys in China.

16:30: Jack Kornfield talks about accepting change.

21:40: Larry tells Joe that van Gogh did his best work when he thought he was making great art. Larry says he will bring the same attitude to his audition tomorrow.

22:40: Larry reads lines from the play he'll audition for. Larry thinks he's good, Joe doesn't.

24:10: Larry tells Joe about going to the Actors' Chapel to pray for a job.

28:10: Larry tells Joe what happened at the audition.

31:20: Victoria calls; she and Joe arrange a time to call back.

32:50: Kornfield offers the mantra, 'Let go!' He illustrates with the joke about the bricklayer and the barrel of bricks.[3]

36:30: Henry Dennis tells a story about meeting a beautiful German woman, Tina, when he lived in St Thomas (Virgin Islands). He didn't think such a beautiful wealthy woman would be interested in him, but she approached him, they had a relationship, moved to Washington DC. She was rabidly jealous, which made Dennis leave her.

43:20: Kornfield tells Zorba the Greek's story about an old man planting an almond tree.[4]

44:20: Kornfield: Suzuki Roshi says the goal of meditation is to keep beginner's mind, or as San See Neen (sp?) puts it, 'don't know mind'.[5][6]

45:20: Kornfield: Kabir recommends traveling to the here and now instead of Tibet or Benares.

45:40: Kornfield says we are born from the vastness, return to it when we die.

46:10: Larry returns to the story of the Actors' Chapel, says it was a joke. He doesn't want Joe to characterize him as attached.

48:40: Larry tells Joe he's not a friend, which Joe confirms. They squabble over the money Joe pays him. Joe tells him that once the show is over, their relationship is over, and Larry can forget about staying in his house. Joe tells Larry he detaches by drinking; says he detaches by listening to Kornfield.

55:20: Rapkin tells Joe a story about falling asleep at Butler library at Columbia University, the moisture transferred text of the book his head lay on onto his cheek; he didn't notice until later.

56:20: Larry tells Joe that he knows acting isn't real life, complains about people who claim that they act because they act on their jobs, citing salespersons who lie to customers.

57:20: Larry tells Joe he's switched to Chivas Regal.

Legacy Synopsis
  • Larry Block: Lost keys.
  • David: Lost items, including his wife. Measuring life by what is taken from us.
  • Joe: His lost father: wanting to dig him up and hold him.
  • Gregory: Inherits an archive of stars' dental x-rays. His female bodybuilder friend.
  • Jack: Change. He sings an old pali buddhist chant.
  • Larry: Parallels between Van Gogh and himself. He discusses a fictional "actors' chapel" with Joe. Auditioning for Neil Simon.
  • Jack: "Let go" as a mantra. Humorous letter to an insurance company.
  • Guy: Seeing, then meeting a beautiful German girl on the street who married her former stepfather. They form a relationship. She goes nuts with jealousy.
  • Jack: An old man plants an almond tree. "Don't know" mind, openness.
  • Larry: Discussion about the fictional "actors' chapel" they improvised earlier. Larry doesn't want to come across as overly attached. Arguments emerge about Larry's stipend from Joe. They discuss their non-relationship. Joe's fed up, doesn't want to do the show anymore. A heated discussion. As the tape runs out, Joe reminds Larry he doesn't want to talk after it ends.
  • Guy: Unknowingly walking around with an imprint of a book on his face.
  • Larry: On the nature of true "acting", as opposed to what this show is. He contemplates upgrading from Dewar's to Chivas Regal.


Additional credits

  • Production Ray Guarna
  • Production assistance Esmé Gregson


  1. Redditor u/AdmiralRay suggests it's Lisa Lyon, and it seems he's right.

    According to photojournalist Elisa Leonelli:

    'Lisa Lyon was the first woman bodybuilding champion in 1979, becoming a symbol of the new woman of the 80s: strong, muscular, athletic. The 1983 black and white photo book by Robert Mapplethorpe, "Lady: Lisa Lyon", explores the many facets of a woman's body and soul. In 1983 Lisa models the clothes by Gregory Poe, a direct descendant of writer Edgar Allan Poe. Lisa Lyon, first woman bodybuilding champion in 1979, models clothes by Gregory Poe. Los Angeles 1983.'

    A Spy magazine profile of her in 1991 October, 'Little miss dangerous', (not to be confused with the Ted Nugent album) begins:

    'Meet Lisa Lyon. John Lombardi explains how, in one lifetime, she could be the female Schwarzenegger, the druggy muse (and girlfriend) of Robert Mapplethorpe, the national sweetheart of Japan and the adoptive daughter (and girlfriend) of the famous, druggy scientist who talks to dolphins. In other words, how the seventies became the eighties, and the eighties became the nineties.

    'None of her friends have seen Lisa Lyon in weeks. Not Gregory Poe, the custom-clothing entrepreneur from Tokyo via Westwood with his blond Armani crop, brown Armani tan and the cosmetic blue coating on his tongue ("Picks up my eyes, don't you think?")...'

  2. I can't verify this.
  3. The marvelous Gerard Hoffnung seems to have invented this story, which many have used, without attribution, for years.
  4. 'Zorba the Greek was walking along one day and saw this old man planting an almond tree. The man was 95 years old; almond trees take 20 years to bear fruit. He said, "What do you do, old man planting that almond tree: you won't be around to see it bear fruit.", and the old man said, "I live as if I will never die." and then Zorba turned to his companion and he said, "I live as if each day was my last: which is right boss?"'
  5. first mentioned in Karma (Part 6)
  6. He also mentions the Cloud of Unknowing